Tip of the Week: How to Keep Your Computer Maintained

a laptop with a wrench on top of it

The modern computer is an absolute marvel, so it only makes sense that they come with an equally extravagant price tag. Understandably, when making this kind of investment – whether for personal or business use – you’d want it to last as long as possible. For this week’s tip, we clue you in on five valuable pieces of information you can do to protect your computer from wear and tear, extending its lifespan and functionality. 

Keep your hardware and software up to date

Would you believe some people can use the same general hardware for almost a decade before replacing it? By keeping everything updated, you could too! Most people using older hardware have upgraded away from the old hard disk drive (HDD) to a solid-state drive (SSD) and upgraded the RAM. 

Also, as much as you hate to hear it, you should never ignore those software update notifications. Keeping your hardware and software as up-to-date as possible allows for smoother program performance and less strain on the components of your system.

Clean your hardware regularly

You need to be cleaning your computer inside and out. Even though laptop computers are standard nowadays and we tend to take them for granted, they’re still machines with very intricate parts. These computers demand a clean environment to work optimally. So, be sure to perform regular computer cleaning. Keep dust out of the fan and crevices, and never have spillable drinks near your keyboard! 

You may be thinking: “Ok, but how do you clean the inside of your computer?” Regular file maintenance. Users with a high percentage of their local storage used up will undoubtedly find their computers get sluggish. 

Protect your computer

Because most laptops today are durable and won’t crack open at the first fall, people overlook protecting their computer’s physical well-being. But did you know that even if you don’t notice any exterior damage on the computer, frequent rough treatment can cause it to break down over time? So, our third user tip is to be sure to buy a padded carrying bag, hard shell laptop case, and have it plugged into a surge protector.

Run your antivirus scan frequently 

Viruses are a common reason that computers crash. So, a critical user tip is to run your virus scan frequently. You can even set it to run automatically when away from your device. A high-quality antivirus tool can help you avoid the millions of issues that computers can encounter from potential malware. Businesses should have a centralized antivirus that protects every device on the network to ensure software and information security.

Please don’t treat it like a light switch.

Your computer isn’t a light switch. You do not have to turn it off every time you’re done using it. This changes the temperatures inside, which in turn adds stress to the components of the computer. Limiting the stress on the system by allowing your computer to run while not using it can prevent you from needing to invest in new hardware prematurely. 

These tips may seem simple, but you’d be shocked how far they can go in protecting your computer. At WheelHouse IT, we keep businesses’ IT running smoothly and help implement practices just like these. Give us a call at 954-474-2204 to talk to one of our consultants about your company’s IT support needs.

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