In This Evolving Tech Landscape, People Are The Only Fixed Entity

In This Evolving Tech Landscape, People Are The Only Fixed Entity

Advancement demands evolution and adaptability. With technology changing by the day, the only certainty is that this ain’t your mama’s IT landscape. Gone are the archaic machines of the past in favor of systems that grow and develop with your business. In today’s IT ecosystem, people are the only single-fixed entity.

Exploring Tomorrowland

Business technology systems previously focused on creating self-sustaining machines and processes that supported minimal tech support. These dinosaurs of the past were high input in terms of initial costs based on an anticipated low future input in tech support costs. Because the knowledge base required for IT management was thought to be stagnant and relatively manageable, companies would previously allocate a greater budget towards training employees to troubleshoot and become proficient in technology systems on their own. 

This model inevitably failed to withstand the test of time due to one fatal flaw; technology is no dinosaur. Business technology systems are dynamic interfaces that require continued adaptation to meet new goals and outcomes. This changing landscape has lead to a shift in focus from self-taught amateur techies to full service IT professionals. According to CompTIA, a whopping 64% of businesses now use managed IT services.

In short, IT has taken on a “service model” approach to meet the needs of today’s professionals. Where past technology management focused near exclusively on troubleshooting and minimizing disruptions, managed IT services take on a holistic approach to anticipate needs and identify opportunities for growth. To put it in geek terms (our favorite language), think of it as the difference between a band-aid and a shiny, new cybernetic arm.

The Anchor in the Storm

As business systems advance in complexity, tech experts are the standard you can rely on. WheelHouse IT offers professional management services for business models of all types. We recognize that changes means growth. More and more businesses are expanding the way they manage data, with SaaS platforms and Managed Cloud EnvironmentsSharepoint and One Drive offer new avenues for streamlining collaborative processes in both large and small environments. Our knowledgeable tech gurus engage businesses at each step — from compliance and firewall management to protect your valuable assets, to on-site training and VOIP services to elevate your staff. With co-managed support options, clients are in control of the level of consulting.

Today’s managed IT services are so much more than troubleshooting — we’re the forward looking and solution focused constant in a world of changing dynamics. Get started today and check out our knowledge center for more business technology insights.