SharePoint and OneDrive offers your business the flexibility and choice in how your connect, share, and communicate.

SharePoint OneDrive

When it comes to collaboration, one size doesn’t fit all.

Office 365 was designed to address the unique needs and work style of each business.

Other benefits to your business include a seamless experience for users and centralized IT management with built-in security and compliance. 

SharePoint Benefits


Provide teams with all of the unique sets of tools they need to get the job done right.

Through SharePoint, you have the option to keep features as they come or your development team has the ability to build custom applications and components with ease. Through this option, your team will always be able to access the specific tools they need to do their jobs effectively. Additionally, administrators can customize the entire SharePoint experience with your organization’s branding.


Allow team members to easily stay informed and connected throughout the project’s life cycle.

SharePoint allows you to connect with your colleagues in new and creative ways, this streamlined approach to team based work allows information and knowledge to flow more freely throughout the organization. Increased collaboration equals better decision making. Read our in-depth article about SharePoint Collaboration Features.

Site Consolidation

Incorporate all sites under one platform while also reducing the overall costs associated with each.

Managers can easily consolidate intranet, extra-net and internet sites. This can amass to substantial cost savings for the organization and it also provides a more efficient method for accessing each of the sites.

In addition to consolidating sites, SharePoint also works seamlessly with many technologies your office already utilizes such as MS Office, MS Unified Communications and MS Exchange Server.

Security and Integrity

Provide security at both a broad and single item level.

The SharePoint platform offers organizations the ability to protect the integrity of data from unauthorized use. This includes managing permissions to sites, lists, folders, documents, web applications and following SharePoint security best practices. Project teams can also rest assured that the integrity of the documents housed on SharePoint’s cloud will never be compromised through settings that require users to checkout documents prior to editing, allow users to view all revisions made to a document and return a document to its original state.

Ease of Use

Build the business tools and solutions you need without the assistance of a developer.

SharePoint has features and tools that allow organizations to respond quickly to business needs by building solutions without having a background in web development. Whether you need to build or update your website or create a specific online tool for your team, SharePoint has the programs available for you to do so. You can easily perform the functions you need to in one application and the cost savings related to that can add up quickly.


Regardless of industry, all organizations strive for increased productivity and having a tool in place like Microsoft SharePoint can make all of the difference. The collaboration features easily translate to increased productivity and cost savings for any organization.


OneDrive is Microsoft’s Cloud Drive for backing up and sharing photos, videos, documents, any file you can think of. With the power of Office 365 behind it you can collaborate on Word documents, spreadsheets, and more.

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