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Does Your Business Need to Upgrade to Business-Grade WiFi?

Today, businesses need top-speed Wifi in order to be able to effectively do business. However, what each business constitutes as “great Wifi service” can be left to a variety of different interpretations. Some businesses determine that consumer-grade Wifi services their needs just fine while others believe that their business needs a Wifi upgrade. Generally, as companies grow, the need for a business-grade Wifi connection becomes more and more apparent.

When it comes to determining your business Wifi needs, ask yourself the following questions:

How Many Devices Are Connected to My Wifi?

Today, more than just desktop computers are using Wifi connections. Smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, and a host of other devices connect to the internet as well. If you are trying to connect enough devices to consumer-grade Wifi, you will likely notice your service speeds become painfully slow. At this point, it will be necessary to upgrade to a business-grade connection to get faster speeds to allow your employees to continue their work uninterrupted. 

What is the Size of Your Workspace?

Considering how large your office space is would be another critical point in determining if your business should upgrade to a business-grade wifi setting. Business-grade Wifi tends to have more connection points and be more flexible as well as cover a larger area of space. If you have a large workspace, a business-grade Wifi will employees to connect more easily, even from the outer limits of the workplace’s space. If you will be renting more office space soon, a business grade Wifi might be something to consider to allow everyone a strong connection point so that everyone can continue to work without getting interrupted.

Do Guests Get the Same Quality Wifi as Employees?

Furthermore, if you have a lot of guests whom you choose to extend the Wifi perk to, you will likely have an even more crowded network. Most consumer-grade networks will not be able to handle such traffic loads, therefore you will need a business-grade network to allow everyone a speedy, convenient connection.

How Will Internet Availability Affect Employee Productivity?

Consider the nature of the work your employees do and how much of that is dependent on the internet. If you work in a highly internet-dependent field, then having a strong, business-grade internet connection that can handle all of the traffic that is using it each day will be vital to your employees being able to remain productive throughout their workday.

Also, keep in mind that slow internet service can frustrate employees who are trying to be productive with their work day. Keeping employees happy with the tools they need to complete their job in a timely manner (such as business-grade internet) makes the investment worthwhile.

For more information on seeing if a business-grade internet connection makes sense for your business, please feel free to contact us at Wheelhouse IT for further assistance.

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