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Firewall as a Service

Secure, compliant, enterprise-class firewall protection.

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Your firewall is your front line cybersecurity defense

Your firewall is essential to your defense against the threats of this era of cybersecurity. Here at WheelHouse IT, we have produced a FWaaS solution designed to protect your business operations.

With our FWaaS solution, we manage and continuously monitor all devices on your network. This solution includes managed firewalls, anti-malware & anti-virus protection, customized security services, VPNs, vulnerability scanning, and intrusion detection to ensure your business remains secure and compliant with industry standards.

firewall as a service

Benefits of Firewall as a Service

End-to-end security

With our FWaaS solution, we will manage and continuously monitor all devices on your network to keep your business protected.

Simple management

Our FWaaS solution makes it easy to manage and enforce policies and also allows you to generate detailed reports of your network.


Our FWaaS is both flexible and scalable, allowing us to instantly adapt to the changing needs of your business.


With our subscription-based FWaaS solution, you reduce and eliminate costs associated with buying, testing, integrating, and managing your firewalls.

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