5 Ways Managed Services Could Change Your World

5 Ways Managed Services Could Change Your World

One thing is certain: The digital landscape is alive with change.

But when it comes to governing critical operations, like IT related assets, business owners may lack the forward-thinking so necessary to implement strategies to protect “the data and information systems that support an organization’s operations.”

Balancing the ‘Economic and Operational’ Facets of the Business

Looking to 2019, Forbes projects that business owners will need ” IT modernization” to remain competitive. 

Utilizing the services of an IT managed service provider can be the right decision to maintain profitability while growing the business:

‘Outsourcing’ Can Ensure Predictable Costs

Some SMB-owners may choose to keep their IT services in-house, but the downside can wreak havoc with budgets: hiring replacements, scheduling personnel and instituting development training.

Contracting with an experienced MSP can free up internal staff from the  day-to-day maintenance of the network, including initiating critical upgrades and vulnerability management to monitoring individual sites and systems.

Proactive ‘Risk Management’

In some cases, IT staff may lack the time and expertise to properly assess the security of their company networks, let alone developing a written Disaster Recovery (DR) plan when systems go down.

An IT managed service provides the risk assessments need to implement the right services to keep the network secure and compliant.

Keeping the Infrastructure Up-to-Date

“Getting it right” the first time when updating hardware, or deploying new business processing software is key to growing the business. But SMB-owners focused on such tasks can lose sight of the ever-present tech curve and the importance of identifying system scalability in adapting to changing needs.

 Safeguarding the Network

Forbes notes how vital it is for companies to follow “best practices” once they have installed and configured any new hardware. Overlooking important upgrades to the network can leave it open to cybercrime intrusions and malware issues.

Low Monthly Costs for Increased ROI

Purchasing, configuring and deploying new equipment is an expensive proposition for most any business, particularly as business try to keep ahead of the technology curve to stay competitive.

A single licensing agreement (SLA) with a trusted MSP can bring costs down through set monthly payments that can increase ROI.

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Secrets to a Successful Business – Infrastructure, Backup, and Culture

Secrets to a Successful Business - Infrastructure, Backup, and Culture

According to CNBC, costs are not the only reason keeping small-business owners from embracing new technology: a lack of “learning resources” continues to a factor.

Better Technology = More Productivity

Even so, SMBs press themselves to become “tech-savvy,” knowing full well that the outcome can mean an increase in productivity.

Moreover, by partnering with an outside IT-managed service, SMB-owners can spend their time running their business instead of attempting new learning curves—like how to prepare their network for Disaster Recovery.

Start by assessing current systems

An existing network may be providing the scalability you need now, but will it adapt to the changes you foresee in the future? Are you optimizing the use of the cloud for your software (SaaS) and hardware-as-a-service (HaaS)?

For example, a cloud strategy can not only include the ability for interacting with customers worldwide (CRM platform), but also for secure data backups.

‘Storage’ without adding hardware

In addition to backing up company information, does the network meet compliance for storing company data?

Furthermore, do you have a DR plan in place with key people in the loop should a plan ever have to implemented? By using a managed cloud service, system upgrades can be automatically, for example, to help prevent malware and virus from infecting programs and files.

As the CNN overview notes, by making technology a key part of the business, even the smallest operation can create the right company culture to attract the right employees for future growth.

For sure, having the right mix of technology, including the use of an outside IT service, can advance productivity while preparing for future expansion plans.

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Managed Service Providers: 3 Benefits of an IT Partnership

Managed Service Providers: 3 Benefits of an IT Partnership

You have a business to run. You know it can’t operate efficiently without proper infrastructure and IT solutions. But maybe IT isn’t in your wheelhouse.

At Wheelhouse IT, it’s what we do. If you’re considering outsourcing a managed service provider to help with your IT platform, here are three more benefits of doing so.

Have a Dedicated Team at Your Fingertips

You could hire your own team of tech individuals, roll them into your payroll, train them on your company culture and offerings. You could take a gamble that those random hires will know what to do, how to build and safeguard your company. But why risk it?

Instead, hire an MSP that will be your dedicated partner in all things IT from infrastructure to 24/7 help desk solutions. An MSP will build, manage and protect your company digitally, which in turn will allow you to do what you do best, manage your company growth.

Stay Current with Updates and Compliance

As with many industries, there are constant updates, compliance measures, and improvements. You don’t have time to keep current with the changing standards. Hire an MSP partner and relax, knowing you have a solid IT program that will grow with you and is in compliance.

Enjoy Significant Savings

Imagine the mounting costs associated with hiring internal IT staff, investing in hardware and upgrading software.

Now imagine instead, you’ve contracted an MSP. Instead of all those mounting IT costs, you pay a fee and partner with a company that will take care of all those purchases and implementations for you. The financial benefits are countless. The piece of mind that you don’t have to be an IT expert in order to have an expert level IT solutions platform is priceless.

Regardless of your industry, there are many benefits to partnering with an MSP for your IT needs. To discuss more or find out how Wheelhouse IT can help revamp your IT platform, contact us!

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