Why Does it Seem Like the Printer is Always Broken?

a person using a printer to print something

Printers are a necessity in the office. When they work properly, everything in the office seems to run smoothly. Unfortunately, it seems like the majority of the time, the printers are jammed, whether it be paper jam, low ink, toner… the list goes on and on. As soon as the printers stop working, it seems like things get a little more hectic. Continue reading to learn more about the various factors that can interfere while using the printer. 

Typically, there are three categories that the majority of printer failures can be classified under. These include software issues, issues with the actual supplies that a printer might require, or an issue with a printer’s connectivity to the network and/or your computer or device.

Software Issues

Missing or outdated drivers can be the culprit that can result in printing issues. It is easy to forget that printers rely on software in order to properly function. Eventually, that software may need to be updated. This can be done through the use of drivers. A driver is a type of software that assists the printer in communicating more effectively with a computer’s operating system. 

Unfortunately, many people do not know that drivers can all of a sudden be incompatible with your system. This can be due to the operating system not being updated. Sometimes, operating system updates can be problematic with the printer’s installed drivers. It is important to also update or reinstall the driver as well after doing an update on the system.

Printer Supplies Issues 

Paper and ink are absolutely vital for a printer to work properly. Something that customers are unaware of is printer manufacturers don’t necessarily make money from the sale of the printer itself, but from the proprietary ink refills that are required to continue using the printer. In addition to the ink supplies, printer paper can get pricey. The paper can also cause issues with the printer, especially if the paper you have is the wrong size or thickness, is unable to align with the printer, or the rollers in the printer end up getting blocked. 

Printer Connectivity Issues 

Printers can often be loud, creating a distraction in the work environment. Oftentimes, employees are constantly printing pages on top of pages. So printers are constantly making noise throughout the work day. Many people are tempted to hide the printer, either in a cabinet or underneath a desk, to keep it from making such a loud distraction. 

It is highly recommended that printers not be kept hidden as it can cause connection issues such as interruption of wireless signals due to being placed under a desk or in a cabinet. It is recommended that all network equipment is centralized and kept out in the open within the work area, allowing to optimize the available signal.

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