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Elegance & Ethics

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WheelHouse IT and Karma Health have partnered to present Elegance and Ethics, a series of mixers that provide a fine dining experience and an educational environment for doctors and healthcare professionals to connect.

Each event is sponsored by a vendor that has the opportunity to present their company’s technical offerings to healthcare practices.

Participating Sponsors

Discover the driving force behind our event series as we acknowledge and thank our sponsors for enhancing the fine dining and educational experience for healthcare professionals, showcasing their innovative technical offerings.

Upcoming Events

Excite your anticipation for what’s to come with a sneak peek into our upcoming events, promising new opportunities for connection and discovery. Unlock an exclusive experience by clicking the button on the slides to register and become part of a select group receiving invitations to our future events.

Private Dinner
Held in January of 2024, we will be hosting a private dinner with a select group of healthcare decision makers.
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Rooftop Happy Hour
More details coming soon!
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Past Events

Dive into the memorable experiences of our past events, where fine dining and meaningful connections took center stage. 

A Wine Journey Through Italy and HIPAA
An enchanting evening at Timpano Las Olas, where the allure of Italian gastronomy meets the critical knowledge of HIPAA compliance. Proudly sponsored by The Compliancy Group.
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