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Do you need managed IT services and technology services for your business in New York? The solution you need is here!

Wheelhouse IT is a Managed Service Provider providing Managed IT services and business technologies to businesses in New York City. With Wheelhouse IT as your Managed IT Services provider, you can expect more than just peace of mind as regards your IT-related issues: Our team of experts will handle all your business IT support services, non-core services, and additional services so that you can focus on what matters – business continuity.


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By partnering using our exceptional IT services, you won’t have time to worry about the day-to-day management of services such as advanced network services, cybersecurity services, cloud-based services, disaster recovery services, service updates, critical infrastructure maintenance, desktop management services, and many more. We’ll ensure your IT needs are met with high service levels and reliable service offerings. With our full-time IT services, you get a 24/7 dedicated support team, proactive maintenance, backups, and disaster recovery solutions designed specifically for small businesses like yours.

With Wheelhouse IT by your side, there are no surprises, hidden fees, and network issues because our reliable solutions are simple- customized IT solutions for all businesses we serve. It doesn’t get any easier than this! Contact us today for a free consultation by giving us a call or filling the form on this page.

In this article, we’ll look at what Managed IT Services entail and also discuss the benefits of partnering with an MSP for Managed IT solutions for your business.

Managed IT Services in Fort Lauderdale

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services enable businesses to contract or subscribe to IT services from a third-party vendor. It is possible to use these services for organizations to reduce the workload of in-house teams in critical IT infrastructure maintenance, supplement teams that cannot meet IT demand and operational issues, or replace in-house teams.

To ensure that IT duties are covered around the clock, especially during the need for emergency infrastructure fixes, managed service providers (MSPs) can be useful. MSPs can also provide specialist knowledge or expertise that may not otherwise be available.

Managed IT services can include a wide range of duties, but the most common ones include:

  • Remote monitoring and management of hardware and infrastructure.
  • Security services, including monitoring, penetration testing, threat hunting, or incident response.
  • Configuration, monitoring, and management of cloud services. These can be rendered in cooperation with or outside of managed cloud services.

Communications support, including IP telephony services.

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Benefits of using Managed IT Services for your business

Following are some of the reasons you should consider partnering with an MSP for Managed IT Serviced for your business:

Proactive approach

To ensure that your business is not disrupted by technical issues, your IT partner will work closely with you to implement a managed services model. Everyone would be motivated to anticipate problems and develop the most secure and efficient systems for your company. Instead of frantically trying to fix IT problems as they arise, you can anticipate and prevent them altogether.

Protection against cyber threats

Businesses, including larger companies, have lost hundreds of billions of dollars as a result of cybercrime in recent years. This unfortunate fact can put the bottom line of an entire organization at risk. Every day, criminals release new forms of malware. According to research, the number of zero-day threats has been steadily increasing, making security solutions more important than ever. Businesses must find practical solutions and constantly monitor and update their security measures through remote infrastructure management reliable IT systems. With a bold strategy at affordable cost, managed services take care of all of this for you, so you don’t have to worry about becoming another victim of cybercrime and losing valuable time, money, and data.

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Managed services can be more cost-effective than break-fix in the long run because the client and the outsourced IT services partner work together to keep an eye on potential problems before they become more costly. With the right outsourced IT services partner, you can also save money by making better purchasing decisions about equipment, software, and storage.

Peace of mind

The stakes are high in IT. Inexperienced people can easily make a mistake that could significantly impact your bottom line. As a busy professional, you can rest assured knowing that your IT needs are being handled by a team of experts. They can cross “IT” off their to-do list and be confident that their company’s IT needs are being handled professionally. The managed IT services model provides your company with a dedicated team that is always thinking about your company and its interests.

A proactive approach to maintenance

This is one of the major advantages of outsourcing your managed IT services. There is little to no time for business owners to worry about their IT infrastructures, such as the reliability and speed of network connections, and other issues. With an MSP, you get round-the-clock, seven-day-a-week coverage.

Every day, the MSP is using security solutions and services are constantly scanning the landscape for possible threats, vulnerabilities, or disturbances. Bugs and other issues are solved before they become a problem for the business owner when you provide full IT support. Customers are happy to pay for this service as CEOs and others have no time to verify that backups are done correctly. Managing data on the cloud is expected to bring in more managed services revenue in the coming year, and businesses that work with the right Managed Service Provider can benefit from proactive business continuity solutions, which include regular and encrypted backups, cloud computing, and virtualization.

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Helps with compliance-related issues

Tablets, operating systems, servers, smartphones, laptops, and a slew of other devices now store and transmit data. Because these devices are used to store and transmit sensitive information, their security is imperative. It is common for business owners to live in fear of a security breach. An MSP would provide you with vital information on how to share examples from the media and explain how your data and compliance practices are compromised when an event like this occurs.

Even in industries like health and law, where compliance is a major concern, an MSP would address the concerns of your business.

Future-proof services keep you on the cutting edge of your industry

When it comes to technology, your managed IT service provider is always up-to-date on the latest advancements. You don’t have to pay for upgrades or training to stay on top of the latest technology thanks to their expertise and investments.

Centralized applications

Managed services allow you to have your data and applications hosted in a virtual server environment. Security and control procedures are typically following international standards in these facilities. It doesn’t matter what happens to your office; your data is safe and sound in a remote location. If something goes wrong in your office or off-site, managed service providers have standards in place to help you keep your business running in the event of an emergency.


As a result of using managed services, your staff will be free to focus on revenue-generating activities instead of IT. These service providers may also be able to offer advice or recommendations on how to improve the performance of your network. This may result in increased output and a better return on investment.

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Better management of uptime

Managed IT service providers are not bound by the same working hours as your other employees. System updates and maintenance may be carried out during off-hours because of this. Having an MSP that can work around your schedule means less downtime and more uptime.

Convenient contractual terms

To establish contractual terms for IT tasks such as service level agreements, managed services are an excellent option. This means that you don’t have to spend time recruiting, hiring, or training IT staff. So you can avoid the high costs of employing full-time staff and only pay for the services you use.

Expert Managed Service Provider you can Trust

Managing a business can be a difficult endeavor. Securing the company’s future growth and profitability is a much bigger challenge. When it comes to managing your own IT infrastructure, you’re not alone. However, partnering with an MSP can help your business grow in several ways.

For a New York MSP that can help your business grow, look no further than Wheelhouse IT. For us, it’s not enough to simply fix your ongoing IT problems. If you have IT issues, we’re here to fix the problem and help you plan for the future. A full-service managed IT, service provider, in New York City, we have the expertise to handle all of your IT needs.

Our support team has a proven track record, a long-term dedication to customer satisfaction, and the expertise your company requires. We continue to receive new partners, referred to them by satisfied customers–and we’ll like your business to benefit from our exceptional services. Give us a call today!

We take pride in your satisfaction

At WheelHouse IT, we are dedicated to our clients and proudly strive to meet and exceed performance expectations.

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