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Volmar Construction

Industry: Construction
Devices: 100
Company Overview
Volmar Construction, Inc. is a General Contractor specializing in Complex Building Renovations, Job Order Contracting, and New Multifamily Construction for a wide range of Federal, State, and Municipal Government Agencies throughout the Northeastern United States.
IT Management Before WheelHouse IT
Devices: In-house IT

Sought Technical Assistance

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Foundational IT

Support Needs

Pain Points Before Hiring WheelHouse IT
Volmar was facing major issues with their outdated network infrastructure. Their email and network servers were being attacked repeatedly, which was identified by their in-house IT team. The aging infrastructure lacked sufficient security and connectivity capabilities. Recognizing the pressing need for an upgrade, a trusted advisor highly recommended WheelHouse IT to address Volmar’s network problems around two years ago.
Breaking Point
Volmar’s concerns about their outdated infrastructure were significant, as their work for government agencies involved transmitting highly sensitive information like blueprints and drawings. There were confirmed hacking attempts on their main server as well as phishing emails, making the need for an upgrade urgent. Working with WheelHouse IT exceeded expectations in terms of their exceptional responsiveness, even two years later. Rather than becoming less attentive after the initial engagement, Wheelhouse consistently checks in to ensure Volmar’s needs are being met. Their personnel frequently reach out to Volmar’s IT director to offer further assistance. This sustained high level of responsive service and collaborative approach is why the reviewer provides their strongest recommendation for WheelHouse IT to any company seeking network and software solutions. Their ability to effectively and efficiently address client needs in an ongoing, partnership-minded way sets them apart.


Importance of WheelHouse IT
Working with WheelHouse IT over the past two years has led to major improvements for Volmar in several key areas. They now have seamless and secure transmission of information, along with enhanced abilities to store, sort, and share data both internally and with external stakeholders. Communication has become much more effective across all of Volmar’s personnel, regardless of their location. These were capabilities Volmar lacked prior to partnering with WheelHouse IT. As a construction company, the ability to effortlessly share large blueprint files and other sizeable data is critically important for Volmar, both within the organization and with clients/partners. The solutions implemented by WheelHouse IT have allowed for secure and responsive sharing of these sensitive, high-volume files. This has directly improved Volmar’s service delivery to their customers. Their relationship with Wheelhouse IT has provided immense benefits around effectively and reliably handling the large data volumes core to Volmar’s operations.
Summary of Services Provided
WheelHouse IT excels at comprehending the unique information needs of their customers and aligning solutions with the client’s specific business model and stakeholder concerns. In Volmar’s case, this meant recognizing their critical requirement to safeguard sensitive data for government clients. WheelHouse IT demonstrated a deep understanding of this priority. They were then able to craft a tailored network and software solution that effectively protected Volmar’s information while meeting their efficiency and cost objectives. WheelHouse IT’s ability to truly grasp their customers’ businesses and design appropriately integrated solutions sets them apart.
Critical Attributes of WheelHouse IT
In seeking a new IT solution, the key priorities for Volmar were: 1) Understanding their current network infrastructure, 2) Understanding their software infrastructure and how information was transmitted and stored internally, and 3) Addressing the need to securely transmit highly sensitive data to external parties. WheelHouse IT successfully crafted a solution that addressed all three of these critical concerns. Their proposed solution was efficient, cost-effective, and able to be implemented with minimal disruption to Volmar’s business operations. WheelHouse IT took the time to analyze Volmar’s existing systems and information flows in order to develop a tailored solution meeting their exact requirements.

Line of Business Applications

Advice to Organizations Hesitant About MSPs

The types of hesitation that we faced internally were based in a familiarity and comfort with the known individuals both within our IT team and within our organization. Had become very comfortable with the way things were, the fear of the unknown and the new was a very tangible obstacle that I needed to overcome and fortunately with the assistance of Wheelhouse IT personnel, it was made much easier. Their personnel held the hands of the individuals in our organization that they needed to work with directly meaning our IT team as well as individuals that they would not have interaction with directly, meaning our various project managers and engineers.
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Peter Volandes
Executive Vice President
When our outdated network infrastructure was causing security breaches and connectivity issues, impacting our ability to securely transmit sensitive information to government clients, we knew we needed an upgrade. After interviewing several IT firms, we chose Wheelhouse IT because of their clear understanding of our business needs and their ability to devise a comprehensive solution. What stood out about Wheelhouse was their deep dive to truly understand our existing network, software, and information flows – both internal and external. They crafted an efficient, cost-effective plan that addressed our core concerns around security, connectivity, and minimal business disruption. Moreover, they explained everything in an easy-to-understand way, avoiding unnecessary jargon. The results over the past two years have been excellent. We now have seamless and secure transmission of information, better storage and sharing capabilities, and improved communication across all our locations. Unexpectedly, their responsiveness has remained exemplary post-implementation, with the team frequently checking in and offering further assistance. I give my highest recommendation to Wheelhouse IT for any company seeking network and software solutions. Their collaborative approach, focused on understanding core business needs, combined with continual outstanding support makes them a standout partner. Wheelhouse took the time to deeply understand our infrastructure and craft the ideal solution – a level of service that has persisted through our ongoing relationship.
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