3 Trends More Small Businesses Will Explore for 2023

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As a small business owner, the start of a new year gives you the chance to review your business operations and overall customer experience. Technology is essential in this day and age when it comes to business growth, and this isn’t going to change at all as we enter the new year. Technology can help you to resolve operational issues and create more efficient processes to improve your daily operations. Let’s take a look at three of the top technology trends that any small business owner can benefit from in 2023.

More Reliance on Software as a Service

When adding new software to your business operations, one of the toughest decisions is whether to opt to use hosted software with an outside provider or host purchased software within the centralized servers of your business. Almost every application your business might need to use can be purchased as Software as a Service. While you may be concerned that you’ll lose control over the management of the application, you’ll find that it’s a more flexible solution. When you need to add or remove accounts, the provider completely manages the underlying IT infrastructure, saving you time and energy.

It’s a more convenient and fully scalable option for most businesses, but you’ll need to keep in mind that you will have an ongoing cost associated with this as opposed to a one-time payment. When saving money isn’t a priority or you are focusing on scaling your business, then Software as a Service is generally the best way to go. You will enjoy access to more advanced tools, which can help to improve the customer experience you offer. Cloud-hosted collaboration software solutions and communication tools are the way forward, and we only expect to see more businesses rely on these in 2023.

Create a Tailored Experience for Customers

The majority of decisions about personal and business purchases are made online today. This is why companies are now trying to find ways to create an immersive customer experience, even when they don’t have face-to-face interactions with customers. Personalization is something that every business should consider. You can achieve this by reviewing your service delivery and adding personalized messages, making customers more likely to return to using your business over and over again in the future.

Building customer profiles is the best way to start this process, and then you can split your current customers into groups. By segmenting your leads in a way that best suits your offerings, you can ensure your messaging is more suitable for their needs. Consider breaking down your customer groups by demographic, geography, purchasing needs, or other metrics. When you offer customers a personalized experience, you’ll soon see that your leads and revenue increase month after month.

Greater Transparency

As a customer, one of the best ways to build trust and a loyal customer base is to be more transparent with your customers. When businesses share their processes with both their employees and customers, they are more likely to empathize with you as a business owner. While there are of course things you should always keep private, where you can, we encourage you to share more about your journey and the hurdles you’ve overcome on the way.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic played a huge part in changing the way in which many businesses operate, and we expect to see some of these adjustments stick around for years to come. A lot of businesses felt compelled to share their challenges during this time, leading to more support from their customers. It’s important for business owners to clearly establish their values and goals, which will help to build your brand identity. You can also focus on sharing the value that your service or product offers to customers, ensuring your staff are onboard with this message too. Ensure that any promises you make to your customers are ones that you can keep, or you’ll soon lose their trust and business.

We hope that 2023 is the best year yet for your business. Our team is here to support you with reaching your business goals, helping you to offer the best experience possible to your employees, stakeholders, and customers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to improve your business operations and go from strength to strength this year.

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