You’ll Want to Get Rid of This Mobile Malware

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While you might think that malware is primarily an issue for desktop and laptop users, it’s still a common problem within mobile devices. Recently, Google had to take multiple applications off their Play Store because they attacked smartphones with adware and malware. 

If you find that you do still have any of these apps on your smartphone, you’ll need to uninstall them to improve your security immediately. Keep reading to discover how to improve your mobile management to avoid the risks of malware in the future.

Delete Old Apps with Malware Risks

While Google no longer offers these apps on the Google Play Store, users can still have them on their phone or tablet at the current time. MalwareBytes shared a security report about these apps, which led to the deletion of them on the store and a ban for the developers. However, users of these apps must manually uninstall them, or they can continue using them as they did before. Mobile management is something that you need to take into your own hands to reduce the risk of malware and keep your phone or tablet safe in the future.

What Apps Put My Phone at Risk?

Four apps were created by the Mobile Apps Group, which you should delete immediately if you have them on your phone:

  • Bluetooth App Sender
  • Bluetooth Auto Connect
  • Driver: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB
  • Mobile transfer: smart switch

You might be shocked to learn that some of these apps had over one million downloads in the past two years. It’s a huge number of people who could be at risk for mobile malware and need to take action to improve the security on their device.

How these apps attack your phone is with a delayed response time where they won’t immediately launch an attack against your phone or tablet. You’ll receive one pop-up when you first use it, and then after about two hours, a second ad will come up, which can help to generate income for the developers.

What’s fascinating about this type of malware is how sneaky the developers are, as you’ll find that you can use the app with no issues for a reasonable amount of time first. These apps have many different tactics to keep the malware hidden and avoid detection, which is why it’s classed as trojan-type malware.

Take Action Today to Improve Your Mobile Management

If you have any of these four apps on your phone still, make sure you remove them from your device today. By long holding the app on your app screen and then pressing the Uninstall button, you will reduce the risks to the security of your device. In the future, ensure you only download apps from the Google Play Store, which are created by trusted developers so that you protect your phone or tablet for years to come.

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