5 Ways Managed IT Services Boosts Your Business Growth

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More businesses are discovering that managed IT offers an effective alternative to keeping a robust IT department on staff. Even better, business owners have come to realize that using an MSP’s IT services boosts their company’s growth. Take a look at five of the ways that using managed IT services can go the extra mile and improve your business’s outcomes.

What Type of Business Needs Managed IT?

Simply put, small, medium, and large businesses can benefit from managed IT services. Of course, small and medium teams tend to need managed services the most because they have the biggest gaps in IT knowledge on their teams while simultaneously having the smallest budgets to work with to achieve their goals.

Any business that needs specialized outcomes over a short or medium time should seek managed IT services.

How Do I Know My Business Needs Managed IT Services?

The symptoms of a business that needs managed IT services are easy to spot. Consider each of these signs that your company could benefit from an MSP’s services:

  • Your IT workers lack knowledge in an area that is needed for a short-term project (adding servers, configuring security, developing the company website)
  • You can’t count on your hardware to function all the time
  • Your business loses significant amounts of work time due to IT failures
  • You have a short-term IT project to complete that does not necessitate hiring a new team member

These are some of the most prominent signs that your business needs to invest in managed IT services. MSPs that provide IT services give you the flexibility and scalability you need to fix up your existing system or prepare for valuable expansions.

How Managed IT Services Can Boost Business Growth

Using a managed IT provider to help your business is not just about stemming the tide and keeping your head above water for another quarter. These services are an integral tool for helping boost your business’s growth. Here’s how it works.

  1. Faster Response Times

When you have a sudden problem appear in your workplace, you need workers that are familiar with your systems and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Partnering with an MSP for IT provides you with a team of professionals that can act as a disaster response team to get your workplace back to normal.

  1. Instant Scalability

Did you underestimate your manpower needs for a project? No problem. Managed IT services can help you scale up for a short-term project or add more team members when a project starts to get out of hand. When the work is done, so is the billing.

  1. Freeing Up Resources

Do you need your core workers focused on a new internal project rather than typical maintenance and answering Help Desk questions? Then you can bring in the MSP professionals to handle your day-to-day work and free up your team members to work on something new.

  1. Lower Costs in IT Allows for Increases Elsewhere

Why should you hire another worker for IT when you only need a month or two worth of work completed? It’s much simpler and cheaper to bring in a temporary reinforcement so that your business can allocate the rest of their potential salary into another department.

  1. Future-Proof Your Business

Not all workers continue to learn after they settle into a business setting. That attitude can lead to stagnation. If you need IT members to come in and teach your workers some new tricks, then you can simply leverage the MSP workers that stay on the cutting edge.

Each of these reasons can help you see why managed IT services are so important to consider for businesses today.

Now that you know how managed IT services can help your business, you probably want to see how they can help your particular company. Contact us today with a quick call or email, and let us show you how our experts can make an impact on your business.

Our IT professionals can help your business reach the next level and stay competitive no matter the size of your company!

Are You Utilizing IT Services to Your Full Advantage?

Are You Utilizing IT Services to Your Full Advantage?

Do you know what an IT provider is really capable of doing for your business and its technology? Chances are, it’s likely more than you think.

Below, we’ll review a few benefits that any IT resource worth their salt is capable of providing to a business like yours, and call it this week’s tip!

Keep Your Technology (and Data) Secure

When was the last time you checked to see if any of your technology had a software update or security patch available?

Studies have shown that neglect to implement these changes has enabled 44 percent of data breaches. Imagine the difference if every business was proactive in the maintenance of their solutions, and applied these improvements as they were released.

Of course, threats also take advantage of your employees to gain access to your systems. An employee that is unaware of how to spot a phishing email is far more likely to get hooked, and these kinds of social engineering attacks are only getting more popular.

One of the most important responsibilities of an IT resource is to ensure that a business is safe from threats of all kinds. Through a combination of cybersecurity solutions and training of your employees, your provider should be able to reduce the amount of threats that darken your business’ door.

Serves a Trusted Outsourced Provider

While you may already have an internal IT resource on your payroll, there’s a fair chance that their workload has grown beyond their capacity. Not only are they responsible for shaping your organization’s IT strategy moving forward, they also are on call to put out any metaphorical fires that may break out during the day-to-day.

With a sufficiently large internal staff, meeting these demands isn’t unduly challenging, but very few organizations have the number of IT support staff members that they really should. This is part of the reason that so many businesses have found success after turning to an external resource as a way to reduce their functional deficit.

The trick is to establish how this resource will provide the greatest value. Should their focus be on maintaining and improving the systems that the business relies on, or would they serve greater purpose as a lifeline for employees who are experiencing technical troubles?

Protect Your Business

Your business could easily come under threat from two fronts.

First, as we mentioned before, there are direct attacks to your business security. Second, there is the chance that circumstance alone could do some severe damage. Whether a weather event puts your business out of commission for a time or one of your crucial service providers (like the power company, for instance) suffers downtime of their own, you could be facing factors outside of your direct control.

In cases like these, it is important to proactively put the solutions in place to insulate yourself against this kind of situation’s ill effects, such as a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution. This will help to ensure that if the worst were to happen, you wouldn’t have to start from square one.

A trusted IT resource can assist in selecting the right solutions for your individual business needs, and WheelHouse IT can be that resource for you. Reach out to us at (877) 771-2384 to learn more ways that an MSP can help your organization thrive and grow.

Co-Managed IT Can Get Difficult Projects Off the Ground

Co-Managed IT Can Get Difficult Projects Off the Ground

Your company is successful and growing so fast that it is outpacing your current IT. You need to upgrade your systems, but your IT staff is constantly busy, making it extremely difficult to successfully plan, implement, and support new IT initiatives.

When your organization is short on technology expertise and resources, outsourcing some part of your organization’s new technology initiatives can work to move your company forward.

Managed IT

Driving nearly every business decision is money. Since on staff IT professionals are extremely costly, when an organization cuts their IT expenditures, they can save money. The problem becomes that they won’t always have the IT expertise needed to manage all the organization’s technology, let alone deploy and support any new technology that the organization would need to implement.

One way that organizations are getting the IT help they need is by outsourcing their management to a managed IT services provider (MSP). The MSP provides a lot of services at a fraction of the cost of that of an internal IT department. Not only will an MSP monitor and manage your computing network and infrastructure, they will also promote the use of industry best practices that can reduce many of the technology issues your organization could potentially deal with. In this way, the MSP provides extraordinary value.

Co-Managed IT

For the organization that looks at their IT staff as essential personnel, you’d think that hiring an MSP would just be a redundant cost. After all, an internal IT staff costs your organization a lot of capital as it is; but, you couldn’t ask for people who are more dedicated to your company’s IT. The problem is that many smaller businesses that choose to staff an IT administrator have problems deploying new IT solutions or completing higher-end projects.

With WheelHouse IT’s co-managed IT services, our technicians serve as a subsidy to get that IT initiative that you really wanted to accomplish off the ground; or, we can handle all of your network and infrastructure management to ensure that your IT staff can have the situation they need to accomplish your organization’s goals.

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How Your Cash Flow and IT Are Linked

Modern IT

In order to remain open for any considerable amount of time, a business needs to have an inbound cash flow. This can be accomplished with the help of some clever IT solutions. We’ll discuss how, but first we have to get a deeper understanding of what makes a good cash flow.

Examining Cash Flow

There are three parts to any successful cash flow:

● New money is coming into the business
● Money is coming in faster
● Less money is going out than is coming back in

Simple, right?

Putting Theory into Practice with Technology

Well, as easy as it is in theory, implementing these parts can be a challenge without the right tools. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions that can help you to encourage all three with the help of information technology.

Let’s break down the three parts again and define what they mean in terms of technology and IT solutions.

● New money is coming into the business
● Money is coming in faster
● Less money is going out than is coming back in

This can be rephrased to say:

● More clients are being signed on to services
● Billing is made more efficient and easier
● The business is making more than it is spending

Leveraging IT to Accomplish These Goals

There is an incredible amount of technology in the world today that can benefit a business through multiple avenues, although there are a few specific tools available now that can assist with each of the parts of your business’ cash flow.

New money is coming into the business
More clients are being signed on to services

This is how your cash flow is initially generated, so it is a crucial part of the process. In order to make money, you need to find people who are willing to pay you to provide them with some good or service – and perhaps more importantly, keep them and the rest of the people important to your business organized.

A customer relationship management system can help you do so. These programs are designed to fulfill that very need for business organization, keeping you from juggling your crucial data and allowing you to make better inferences that inform your actions. A good CRM platform will allow you to track your progress and responsibilities, allowing you to act proactively and optimize your business strategy.

Money is coming in faster
Billing is made more efficient and easier

The vast majority of businesses were formed with one goal in mind: to make money. This is accomplished by selling goods and services. However, these sales need to be tracked in order for payments to come in accurately, yet in a prompt manner. Moreover, customers and clients may need to be reminded that they have a balance to settle. There is no shortage of tools and systems to assist you in this regard.

Whether your CRM also includes a baked-in finance management tool, you use another service, or you even keep an impeccably organized spreadsheet, you need to make sure you know where your funds are coming from and where they are going.

Less money is going out than is coming back in
The business is making more money than it is spending

This is the kicker – the final, crucial piece of profitability: are you actually making a profit?

One of the keys to this is to spend your budget wisely and take advantage of the capabilities that modern technology offers. Which scenario sounds like it would be more expensive, struggling with the same IT issue day in and day out, hiring someone to come in and fix it every time it drives you too crazy (only to have it pop back up later)… or have experienced professionals monitor your IT remotely, identifying and actually resolving issues like those–before you even knew they were there–all for a predictable monthly fee?

Successfully budgeting your business is the cornerstone to making it profitable, and the more predictable costs you incur, the better your budget will work for you.

WheelHouse IT can do all of this for you, and more.

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