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Secure dependable IT functionality for your business with professional technology solutions from WheelHouse IT.

IT Support In New York City

WheelHouse IT provides New York City with managed IT support.

Your technology should work for your business, not slow it down. Our fully-managed information technology support provides New York City businesses with pro-active 24/7/365 monitoring, security, and compliance services.

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Local IT support help desk

Are you searching for a reliable, experienced 24/7 IT support company to deal with all of your issues regardless of what time they occur?

Are you fed up relying on other companies who charge an hourly rate but take forever to show up and even longer to resolve your problems?

Let’s face it, Murphy’s Law dictates that your IT systems are going to develop an issue at 5 pm on a Friday or some other inconvenient time, which has the potential to cause the most damage to your business.

The perfect scenario would be to have your own IT department, but that is not an option for most small to medium-sized businesses – or is it?

Your dedicated 24/7 IT department

WheelHouse IT is the premier provider of IT support services for the business owners of New York City. All of our technicians are fully qualified and available 24/7 to deal with whatever issues may arise.

Every on-site staff member is based in New York, which means that if your issues require a visit, we can typically respond within a few minutes. We don’t deal with problems – We solve them!

With our business continuity planning, you can be sure that your business will perform as planned.

There is no one-size fits all solution

When it comes to delivering IT support services, every company has different business functions and business operations. At WheelHouse IT, we understand that which is why we design and implement a bespoke IT support package for each of our clients so your business time can be spent growing.

We aim to exceed your expectations, remove the fear and worry over IT, and become a long-term partner with your business.

As a business owner, your role is to focus on growing and building your company; our role is to provide you with the IT infrastructure to help you facilitate that.

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What's Included in our IT Support Service Pack

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1. Professional IT Support

IT support is a vital part of any business, and it’s important to find a provider that can offer reliable and professional services. WheelHouse IT is a company that provides just that – professional IT support for businesses in New York City. With our experienced staff, we can provide 24/7 support for all of your IT needs.

2. Network Security

Businesses of all sizes are at risk of a cyber-attack, and the effects can be devastating. Data breaches can lead to lost revenue, customers, and even your company’s reputation. Protecting your network is essential to keeping you safe. WheelHouse IT provides comprehensive network security solutions that will keep your data safe and protect you from the latest threats.

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3. IT Consulting

Not sure where to start with your IT needs? WheelHouse IT provides IT consulting services to help you assess your current IT infrastructure and make recommendations for improvements. Our experienced staff will work with you to understand your goals and find the right IT solutions to help you reach them.

4. Managed Services

Managed services are a great way to offload the IT burden so you can focus on running your business. WheelHouse IT provides comprehensive managed IT services that will take care of all of your IT needs, including 24/7 monitoring, security, and compliance. With our help, you can focus on growing your business while we keep your IT systems up and running.

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5. Cloud Services

Our Cloud solution is becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes. WheelHouse IT provides a variety of cloud services, including cloud storage, backup, and disaster recovery. With our help, you can take advantage of the many benefits the cloud has to offer, including increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

Connecting All Types of Tech in Offices

WheelHouse IT provides professional tech support to businesses in New York City, and we are dedicated to helping our clients connect all of their offices. We have the experience and expertise to design and implement a comprehensive IT solution that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We understand the importance of connectivity and collaboration for businesses, and we are committed to helping our clients. Whether you are moving to a new place, or need a new setup, WheelHouse IT can help you have a smooth transition.

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Reliable and trustworthy technology services

With 20 years of growth and evolution, WheelHouse IT has a portfolio of clients in every industry.

Our partners come first, and we’re proud to show our CSAT score in real-time on our homepage. Dedicated teams are assigned to you to ensure you’re speaking with the same technicians when you call.

If you have always dreamed of an IT system that works, with the ultimate backup department available instantly with one simple call, then WheelHouse IT is the company you have been searching for.

What you gain:

  • Business efficiency
  • Business telephony expert support​B
  • Business enterprise solutions
  • Peace of mind knowing you are business safe

Avoid Have Obstacles Caused by a Technology Issue

Almost every company today relies on technology in some way, shape, or form. Whether you’re a small company just starting or a large corporation with lots of hardware, technology is an essential part of your operations. However, when that technology fails, it can cause major problems for you. IT issues can halt production, disrupt communication, and lead to lost revenue. WheelHouse IT is here to help you avoid those obstacles and keep your business running smoothly.

We understand that technology is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. That’s why we offer IT consulting services to help you assess your current IT infrastructure and make recommendations for improvements.

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Get the Right Software for Your Operation

There are many different types of software available, and choosing the right one for your business can be a daunting task. WheelHouse IT offers IT consulting services to help you assess your needs and find the right software for you. We have experience with all types of software, and we can help you find the right solution for your specific needs.

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Outlook

We take pride in your satisfaction and our service

WheelHouse IT is a premier service provider of IT support services for the business owners of New York City. All of our technicians are fully qualified and available 24/7 to deal with whatever issues may arise.

With us, you can be sure to have a dedicated account manager who is familiar with your needs and will assist in insure your needs are incorporated into your systems management as you grow. Our technology knowledge covers a wide range of businesses in the space so we encourage you to speak with your account managed every so often about what’s going on in your world.

We take pride in your satisfaction

At WheelHouse IT, we are dedicated to our clients and proudly strive to meet and exceed performance expectations.

Contact our New York City team

Servicing Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, and our New York City office space is in an ideal location to serve you.

To book a free no-obligation quotation, or just to discuss any issues and concerns you may have about your IT support needs, give our friendly customer service team a call today.

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