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Gain reliable IT functionality with professional business IT support at WheelHouse IT.

Miami-based IT Support

WheelHouse IT provides Miami with managed IT support.

Your business technology should work for you, not slow you down. Our fully-managed IT support provides Miami businesses and the surrounding South Florida area with pro-active 24/7/365 monitoring, security, and compliance services.

Reliable IT support help desk

A reliable IT support team is always on standby when you need them. We can solve most issues remotely from our headquarters for fast problem resolution, and deploy technicians on-site whenever it’s needed.

In the event a natural disaster such as a hurricane comes to South Florida, our offices in New York and California are available to provide service and support.

If you already have in-house IT, we have programs designed to help your team maximize their internal efforts while leaning on our technical expertise to fill in any gaps that may arise. We call this our Hybrid IT program.

Reliable Technology Services for Business

Benefits of an IT support partnership

Partnering with WheelHouse IT for your IT support has many benefits. From consolidating and reducing costs on IT infrastructure, to reducing downtime, enabling advanced cybersecurity, and providing you with a consultant to keep up with technology’s pace.

We’ll take the focus on this area of operational readiness so you can focus on your core business.

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Trustworthy business IT support services

With 20 years of growth and evolution, WheelHouse IT has a portfolio of clients in every industry.

Our partners come first, and we’re proud to show our Customer Satisfaction Score in real-time on our homepage.

Dedicated teams are assigned to you to ensure you’re speaking with the same IT support technicians when you call.

Free network audit and risk assessment

Today technology is necessary for conducting business, and vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure create risks for your business and your customers.

By conducting a network audit and risk assessment, WheelHouse, IT can identify these vulnerabilities and present you with a full report with no obligation.

Identifying these existing vulnerabilities and providing you with a detailed report of recommendations enables your business to take the necessary steps to ensure your business IT infrastructure is secure and compliant.

Benefits of Managed Services in New York
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