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Cloud Services on Los Angeles

Continually innovating technologies and adapting workforces are changing the way businesses operate.

Cloud technologies enable remote working capabilities, meaning companies can access talent pools outside of their region, provide flexibility to employees, and have more opportunities for collaboration across multiple industries and locations.

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Why Businesses Need Cloud Based Technology

The shift to cloud platforms/computing has been one of the most significant tech trends in recent years. While it was once commonplace for companies to put considerable investment in hardware and operate their own data centers, the landscape is drastically changing as more and more companies now run through the cloud instead.

One of the first benefits that brought attention to business cloud solutions was scalability- businesses’ ability to increase or – businesses’ ability. A company can utilize these innovations like artificial intelligence and machine learning in new use cases while also realizing operational efficiency gains with their embrace of this technology-driven approach towards business optimization.

Tech companies have been even more incentivized to adopt cloud computing solutions due to recent events and a volatile economy. Morely, secure cloud infrastructure solutions can protect your data, boost performance and reduce business costs. As a result, companies that have invested in cloud infrastructure have adapted a model that will allow for business continuity– to adapt to rapidly changing situations, reduce costs through financial hardship, and stay visible online while being more connected to their customers.

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Benefits of Moving Your Business to the Cloud Environment

WheelHouse IT is the premier cloud computing services company for Los Angeles small- to mid-size businesses. We have been providing managed cloud IT services to our clients since the early 2000s, and we are known as one of the best cloud service providers on Los Angeles. Our team of cloud consultants has decades of experience in the industry and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your business has everything it needs, from email, file storage, file backup, business apps, and more. You can rest easy knowing that your data is safe with us!

There are many benefits to moving your software to a cloud environment. First, there are cost savings as you avoid purchasing and maintaining data centers and expensive hardware such as a physical server. Another advantage is accessing data from cloud service providers and cloud storage as needed. The list is long, but here are some main benefits for a business migrating to the cloud:

Improved Customer Service

The elastic infrastructure of the cloud makes it possible for businesses to be more agile and responsive in their interactions with customers. With questions answered quickly and with increased quality, your business will have an advantage over competitors struggling under the overhead and maintained staff they’re currently using.

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Enhanced Cloud Security

Implementing new technologies like cloud solutions can be intimidating. That’s why at WheelHouse IT, we offer a wide range of cloud-managed services that can help you take advantage of the latest cloud-based software without allocating valuable in-house resources or worrying about choosing the best options for your company. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we are happy to discuss options for cloud services and how our team can support a seamless migration to secure cloud infrastructure.

Internet-based, malicious software attacks can significantly impact your business processes. A recent report showed that nearly 60% of significant impact corporate data breaches would leave within six that months. Although such an attack could result in the most devastating consequences your business could face:

Financial losses from theft of banking information

Economic losses from disruption of business-critical processes (even after resumption of business operations)

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High costs to rid your network of threats

Damage to your reputation and loss of confidence after telling customers their information was compromised. Cloud security software can help you mitigate cyber-attack risks through constant remote network monitoring, instant access to the most up-to-date fixes to business cybersecurity threats, and more.

Environmental Impact of Migrating to a Secure Cloud

With the migration of your business technology structure onto a secure private cloud server, removing your servers and data centers has a domino effect. Cloud migration is always preferred as less energy is consumed, and you can reduce the resources needed to maintain infrastructure!

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Your Company Can Work from Anywhere!

Even more so due to recent events, the desk and geographic proximity are no longer barriers for your workers. Provided that everyone has access to a reliable internet connection, the delivery of cloud-based solutions gives you and your workers the freedom to work from any location, with everyone having the exact cloud resources.

Increased Efficiency Through Deployed Workloads

The cloud can be critical in optimizing IT—deploying workloads to the most cost-effective and high-performance locations as they shift. Private cloud providers offer flexibility, efficiency, and scalability for your company’s needs. Moving to cloud platforms can save time and expense, allowing you to focus on core business goals. This can filter all business-critical processes, including time and expensive access from anywhere. An internet connection can enable you to give your customers and staff a timely and robust understanding of your business, making personalized experiences more accessible than ever!

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Backup your files regularly

Do you back up your business files or have backup requirements as part of your company protocol? If a cyberattack happens, data could be compromised or deleted. If disaster strikes, can your business still operate? Given the amount of data stored on laptops and cell phones these days, most companies would be significantly impacted by an attack.


Luckily, there are programs available to help bolster cybersecurity measures and provide effective disaster recovery solutions. This includes backup software, which automatically copies all its files to storage if anything goes wrong. With this type of program running regularly behind the scenes without any user input required, it means that if anything goes wrong again immediately. You should also consider keeping backups offline, so they’re not at risk from another disaster like fire or flood nearby.

Why Trust Wheel House IT With Your Cloud Services?

When you partner with Wheel House IT for your cloud services, the sky is the limit! Our specialized IT expertise for Los Angeles businesses can help your business:

Access Managed Cloud Services: Cloud applications centralize services to make them accessible from anywhere and protect them against disasters. Supported by round-the-clock management and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, your benefits are constantly monitored, scanned, and reported on. Integrate and align your core business objectives with cloud services for maximum efficiency and productivity using our intuitive tools.

Work From Anywhere: With your files saved to the cloud, your desk is no longer a barrier. With an ever-increasing number of mobile apps, you can stay productive wherever you work. Collaboration has always been challenging with real-time chat, video conferencing, and cloud file sharing. Advannumberbersecurity precautions allow you to work worry-free from your work shop or an island beach.

Secure and Easily Recover Data: Our managed cloud infrastructure services assure data safety and early access through timely backups and faster recovery across all cloud services and applications.

Maximize Your Uptime: Gain peace of mind that no matter what is happening where you are, your business-critical office applications are always available online.

Ensure Scalability: You’ll harness the ability to easily add or remove features and resources as your business changes, only paying for what your business needs at any time.

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Lets Work Together

When you partner with us, you’ll access in-depth expertise and more:

  • Centralized Services and Application
  • Fixed Monthly Services
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Maintenance
  • Fast Response Time
  • Vendor Management

So if you’re a business in Los Angeles and are ready to benefit from the migration and utilization of professional cloud computing services, contact us by filling out our online form or calling one of our friendly representatives directly at (516) 536-5006. We look forward to helping your business soon!

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