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Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) vs. Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

While everyone remains fingers-crossed with the only hope that the novel corona virus won’t become a significant health concern in their workplaces, the truth of the matter remains that businesses are considering every opportunity for their workers to perform their duties remotely.

If you are a large organization, you have the option to stand up and set a sizable virtual desktop infrastructure in the public cloud. However, the challenge lies in choosing between a windows virtual desktop or remote desktop services for your contingency plan.

In this article, we highlight the features for both and help you come up with the best solution for your business.

Windows Virtual Desktop or Remote Desktop Services?

Windows virtual desktop (WVD) offers access to various apps hosted by a local server remotely. Currently, small and medium enterprise firms are embracing the use of Citrix, VMware view as options for remote desktop applications. Windows virtual desktop (WVD) succeeded in remote desktop services (RDS) and virtual desktop infrastructure(VDI).

These were earlier used to offer virtual desktop services. Virtual desktop infrastructure is perceived to be one of its kind among windows applications due to the great features coupled with lower prices.

Unfortunately, efforts to remain relevant seem to have flopped due to lack of capacity to keep up with the speed at which various technologies are coming up in a bid to offer better and improved features.

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What Makes Windows Virtual Desktop Stand Out?

Users fed up with using traditional windows applications can breathe a sigh of relief since WVD offers a myriad of options as opposed to the traditional windows.

  • No need to manage parameter security
  • Can work on both individual and multisession desktops
  • WVD is accessible on various devices including web browsers
  • WVD is faster especially in accessing data via Office 365

In other words, WVD offers excellent remote desktop user experience via windows 10. This ensures ease of handling complex tasks as opposed to the traditional windows.

Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Remote desktop services (RDS) is basically used in accessing off-site computers along with performing the function of controlling various computers from a single device or PC.

Formerly referred to as remote desktop connection (RDC) or remote desktop, the application enables users to access computers via a networked computer running through a server remotely.

Generally, RDS is a Microsoft version of the software that allows users to log into a computer from a remote location. In this case, the computer being used must be able to support the remote desktop protocol (RDP) to function correctly.

Software used for RDS

Various software’s are available in the market to aid users in accessing and controlling one computer from another using either the internet or local network include Zoho assist, chrome remote desktop, Teamviewer, RemotePC, Connect wise control, remote utilities for Windows, etc.

The unique feature about RDS is that users can access applications and desktops from various client devices through a Remote desktop protocol (RDP).

Remote desktop applications are available on Apple mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Google android Apple IOS among others.

In essence, RDS and WVD operate the same way, though it serves different purposes. Small and medium enterprise entities are increasingly incorporating the applications into their systems to make it easier to network and coordinate employees and prospects.

It’s against this backdrop that the need to incorporate both windows virtual and remote desktop services to aid in more natural work coordination remains a crucial aspect of technological transformation at the workplace.

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Differences between WVD and RDS

Typically, windows virtual Desktop (WVD) differs from remote desktop services (RDS) since WVD focuses on providing a central location for users to access various applications hosted by a central server. At the same time, RDS offers a platform where users can access a networked computer from a remote location.

The two applications operate the same way though they serve different purposes. The main advantage of using WVD is that users can easily access the form through a myriad of devices, including browsers.

This makes it easier to access and use from any location without being limited to specific devices. The dynamic aspect of WVD makes the application ideal for use under any context that it’s needed for either individual or agencies.

Our Verdict

Firms and various agencies are continuously embracing RDS and WVD in a bid to bolster working relations with clients and employees. The systems ensure easier operation at the workplace since all projects and control of the system are centralized, making it easier to follow up and assessment.

 Through the advent of remote work opportunities to reducing operating costs at the workplace, these applications are ideal for startups and medium enterprise firms working under a limited budget since everything can be set up and controlled from a remote position. In contrast, the team works in any location.

The system is one of the high sorts for in regard to computing due to flexibility associated with such work arrangement. Remote Desktop services serve a significant role in networking, especially in locations where the internet is a problem.

Users that have access to RDS can easily access a computer from a remote location since one computer is set to control all other computers from different locations.

At WheelHouse IT, we understand the importance of using reliable systems to design a good work culture and flawless remote workstations, during these trying times. Schedule a Microsoft 365 demo with us and explore the Windows Virtual Desktop.



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