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Understanding UCaaS, VoIP and Collaboration Tools

Transitioning into a full unified suite of cloud communication tools for your business is remarkably rewarding and beneficial. Understanding UCaaS and VoIP will help you make the best decision your company needs to implement.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that converts your voice into a digital signal, letting you make calls right from your computer, VoIP phone, or any other data-driven device. It is a technology that offers you an alternative to traditional phone services delivered by traditional communications providers over cabling. VoIP is a better option for firms comparing the benefits of VoIP over regular phone services.

Here are some benefits of using VoIP:

  1. Cost-saving specifically for interoffice calls, long-distance and international calls.
  2. Simple phone management. e.g., adding and removing phone lines
  3. VoIP is cost-effective and easier on contact center management.
  4. VoIP offers superior features such as automated call distribution, interactive voice recognition, and remote phone lines management.
  5. Flexibility. Mobile apps that allow mobile access to business calls and voicemails.

What is UCaaS?

Unified-Communication-as-a-Service (UCaaS) is an approach to unifying business communication tools into a single, streamlined platform, bringing together services such as VoIP, video conferencing, collaboration tools, file sharing, instant messaging and more. This can then get integrated into call centers services, such as call routing and call centers that facilitate team communication in your business.

UCaaS also offers friendly user experience through a single user interface and consistent experiences across devices. You get UCaaS delivered into your business through a Unified Communication Vendor who implements the required infrastructure and a unified communication platform. Transitioning to UCaaS is not only cost-effective but also adds productivity to your business.

Consider installing UCaaS if your company has the following needs and goals.

  1. Lowering the total cost of ownership across communication and cloud collaboration tools.
  2. Integrating video features, such as video conferencing, web conferencing, and screen sharing.
  3. More accessible communication and management across multiple sites or locations.
  4. Improving customer experience by unifying channels, including chat, email, and phones.
  5. Increasing productivity and decreasing error by integrating data across apps.
  6. Supporting mobility or move to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) culture with simple, secure employee communication apps.

UCaaS v VoIP

Wondering which is the right choice between VoIP and UCaaS for your business? Consider the following to get the best solution for your business.

  1. Do you Need Video?
    If the features you are looking for include video, go with UCaaS because VoIP misses this feature.
  2. Need a Smarter and Integrated Collaboration?
    Corporates realize the benefits of having unified project management and task management tools with communication platforms. If this is what you are looking for, then go UCaaS way.
  3. Tougher Security and Smarter Troubleshooting.
    UCaaS enables the establishment of a single vendor relationship with smarter troubleshooting while ensuring that your business communication system is secured.
  4. Flexible Multi-Media Communication
    Unified communication allows your employees to communicate in the ways they find most affordable, convenient, and useful. UCaaS ensures that no communication method is left behind.
  5. Do you need Flexibility?
    Although both VoIP and UCaaS are flexible than other alternatives, UCaaS offers more extensive flexibility.

Work from Home using UCaaS

As opposed to the traditional way of working from an office, the workplace has evolved significantly to include working from home. Integrating UCaaS will have the following benefits for your business.

1. Productivity

Your team may currently be managing multiple apps hence reducing their productivity. Improve productivity by managing multiple communication from a central hub.

2. Real-Time Response

UCaaS supports features such as automation of voicemails and emails. You won’t mind about missing an urgent call nor bother yourself with your voicemails since they are already in your inbox and can be forwarded to another party if need be. Replying to urgent matters instantly will help you better support customers and resolve issues in real-time.

3. Enhanced Collaboration

UCaaS enables you to improve collaboration in your workforce better. Additionally, it ensures they don’t have to be in a single room to achieve this since UCaaS takes care of this. Your team is reliably connected on one network and can work together in several ways through virtual meetings and instant messaging. UCaaS is expandable to include features such as sharing and collaborating on documents simultaneously and, therefore, more collaboration.

4. Easier Integration

Employing different technological platforms will power your workforce. UCaaS works flawlessly with other cloud-based applications hence allowing you to manage multiple functions through one system. e.g., Integrating with your customer relationship management software can better help you to track customer behaviors and interactions.

5. Reliability

To enhance working from home, your firm needs a reliable system. UCaaS is reliable since it offers backup and continuity for your business.

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