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Tips for Remote Employees to Stay Healthy and Safe

With social distancing in full swing and remote work taking over in homes across the country, it is essential that you are balancing your work responsibilities and duties in a safe and healthy environment.

Being a part of a remote workforce offers you the flexibility and opportunity to work from home but can also be a demanding experience that can become overwhelming if you do not set boundaries and limitations.

Here are some tips to make working from home a productive and positive experience.

Start Your Day on the Right Foot

It is tempting to roll out of bed a few minutes before you’re on the clock and just get right to work, but your wake up routine will set the tone for your day. Make sure you are taking a little time each morning to get up, get dressed, and get yourself in a focused mindset ready to take on the day.

You are already saving time from your daily drive so don’t sacrifice other morning tasks that will help you get ready for the day ahead. Enjoy some breakfast, a cup of coffee, a morning workout, keep up your regular morning routine even if you are just taking a walk to your home office or living room.

Stick to a Schedule

Working from home will oftentimes give you the freedom to work at your convenience depending on the parameters set by your employer. While setting your own schedule can be a blessing it can also be a curse and easily bleed into other aspects of your life and day if you are not careful.

Ensure you create a work schedule and stick to it. Set limits and make sure to disconnect once your workday is complete. Leave the work behind for the day to tend to your home and personal life.

Take Your Breaks

It is easy to get caught up while working on a deadline or project and want to just plow through. While some days burning the midnight oil may be necessary do not make this a habit but rather the exception.

Taking a lunch break and other short breaks throughout the day allow you to take a step back and refresh your mind. It is important to keep your mind in a healthy and active mindset to remain productive and avoid burnout.

Get Your Body Moving

After a long day of work at home, it will often feel just as tiring as working at the office. While the couch may be calling your name, it is important to maintain a healthy balance in your activities and get some exercise each day.

It may not be possible to get in an intense workout every day, but a short walk in the neighborhood or some stretching or yoga in the yard will allow you to get some fresh air, sunlight, and a renewed energy.

Eat Right & Get Rest

Just like exercise, a healthy diet and a good night’s rest will contribute greatly to your daily mood. Try to incorporate healthier options into your meals that will keep you feeling focused and energized.

Don’t let your sleep schedule get away from you. Try to maintain a routine bedtime that will allow your body to get into a daily rhythm and keep you alert and feeling rested throughout the work hours.

Working from home can feel chaotic at first but once you create your schedule and daily habits it will feel much like any other workday. It is necessary to continue to meet your work responsibilities but it is important to do so in a way that will not be detrimental to your overall well being.

Make time to address your own self-care throughout the workweek and you will be able to continue to work from home in a healthy and productive manner.

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