How a Managed Service Provider Can Support Your Internal IT Team

How a Managed Service Provider Can Support Your Internal IT Team

Many businesses already have an internal IT team managing their network. It is not uncommon to wonder what a managed service provider can do for your business.

As this article mentions, disrupting your own business model before it gets digitally disrupted is a daily grind. Not only are you up against nimble web start-ups, but also your own corporate inertia.

Managed services can provide internal IT teams with various types of support that can help increase business productivity and expand your business.

Create Time for Bigger Projects

Chances are your IT team is already overwhelmed with the daily maintenance of your network. They do not have much time to focus on larger projects that could help expand your business. A managed service provider can take over the day-to-day administrative tasks which frees up your IT team to focus on projects that can benefit your business.

Increase Your IT Team’s Skill Set

IT is always changing and it requires many skills to maintain a network. Locating individuals who possess all of the knowledge and skills necessary to support a network, maintain servers, and manage other technologies is difficult. Managed services can support an internal IT team that does well with some tasks but needs expertise for others. This provides your business with a larger skill set to pull from when needed.

Improved Support

Nothing is worse than having network issues when your IT manager is on vacation and is unavailable. A managed service provider can alleviate the stress and worry of network issues when your primary IT person is not available. Most managed service providers offer 24/7 support which is important for keeping your network up and running while providing added peace of mind.

These are just a few of the benefits a managed service provider can offer your business. Outsourcing day-to-day administrative tasks to a managed service provider gives your business the support it needs to grow.

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Managed IT Support Can Reduce the Risk of Cyber Theft from Miami Businesses

Managed IT Support Can Reduce the Risk of Cyber Theft from Miami Businesses

Network security breaches have been in the news lately.

Hackers have targeted such large organizations as the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management and the Bank of Bangladesh. While security breaches at large institutions make the news, cyber theft from small businesses quietly takes place in the background.

Many of Miami’s small businesses handle more money through their computers and networks than through their cash registers. Credit card credentials, ACH transactions and emailed wire transfer instructions can all be targets for thieves.

Over the past two years, cyber thieves have stolen nearly $800 million dollars from over 8000 small businesses. Regulation E, the federal rule that requires banks to reimburse consumers for unauthorized transactions, does not apply to small business accounts; individual businesses have lost over a million dollars to cyber theft and not been reimbursed.

Managed IT support for Miami businesses can help to reduce your risk of cyber theft. Instead of reacting to an incident after it occurs, your managed IT support vendor can examine and secure your network to reduce the risk of a breach. They can conduct a survey of your network to identify systems that need to be patched, and can look for systems with default passwords that a hacker might be able to guess.

Developing a patch management plan and eliminating systems with default passwords can reduce the risk of a network breach.

Cyber theft is a serious issue for Miami businesses. Companies that import or export goods are especially vulnerable as they often send wire transfers. A fraudulent wire transfer is very difficult to cancel or recall.

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5 Reasons Budget-Minded Business Owners Love Managed Services

5 Reasons Budget-Minded Business Owners Love Managed Services

Business owners understand that they need secure, well-maintained IT systems to succeed in a competitive and highly connected world.

At the same time, many businesses are operating within a relatively small budget for IT services, which range from performing hardware upgrades to responding to new cyber security threats.

Fortunately, there’s a way to enjoy high-quality IT services within budgetary constraints. Budget-minded business owners often opt for managed services, for the following reasons:

  1. Managed services providers will actively look for ways to save you money. They’ll help you avoid unnecessary purchases, and they’ll make IT decisions that align with your business goals, so that you aren’t wasting resources on projects and services that contribute nothing to your company.
  2. Managed services are flexible. The services you rely on can be tailored to your business and its demands and objectives. You can choose among services (or bundles of services), and many of them can also be scalable, so that you can adjust your use of data storage space and other resources based on your current needs.
  3. You receive proactive support. A strong managed services provider will give you round-the-clock support and actively work to detect problems before they become full-blown, costly emergencies. For example, your managed services provider can continuously monitor your network for unauthorized activities or signs of equipment failure. The emphasis is on prevention and detection, not simply on reacting to existing problems.
  4. Managed services providers get to know your business. When you hire a managed services provider, they come to understand your business, give you personal attention, and offer you solutions that fit with what you need. They save you time and money by handling various responsibilities that would otherwise consume your attention and distract you from other business operations.
  5. You don’t need to hire in-house personnel. Although a managed services provider can work with any in-house personnel you’ve hired and share some of the responsibilities of managing your IT systems, you don’t need to hire in-house personnel at all if your budget can’t accommodate such a decision. Your managed services provider give you an option of IT management and support at a more manageable cost.

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