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Stay Prepared: NHC Tracking 3 Tropical Waves Just Days Before Hurricane Season

As the official start of the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season approaches, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) has already begun tracking three tropical waves. These disturbances are typical for this time of year and are the first we are seeing this season. One tropical wave is in the Caribbean, another near South America, and a third has just emerged off the coast of Africa. Although none show signs of immediate development, it’s essential to stay vigilant.

National Hurricane Center tracking 3 tropical waves

Understanding Tropical Waves

Tropical waves are areas of disturbed weather that usually originate from the coast of Africa and move westward, carried by trade winds. Each season, we can expect around 60 of these waves, some of which may develop into tropical storms or hurricanes. With the official start of the hurricane season just days away, forecasters predict an above-average season with numerous named storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes. Major hurricanes are classified as Category 3 or higher, with winds exceeding 111 mph.

Factors Contributing to an Active Season

Forecasters attribute the predicted active season to two main factors: La Niña and record-warm waters in the Atlantic basin. Both conditions provide the necessary fuel for storm development, increasing the likelihood of a busy hurricane season. As of the latest update on May 28, the NHC is monitoring three tropical waves in the northern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico.

Current Tropical Waves

  1. Tropical Wave 1: Located east of the Cape Verde Islands, moving west at 17 to 23 mph.
  2. Tropical Wave 2: Positioned in the Central Atlantic, extending north off the coast of Brazil. Moving west at about 17 mph.
  3. Tropical Wave 3: Found in the central Caribbean, north of the eastern tip of Cuba, moving west at 11 to 17 mph, bringing scattered showers to Hispaniola and nearby waters, including the Windward Passage.

Potential Impact and Preparedness

While it is too early to determine the potential impact of these tropical waves on Florida or the U.S., it is crucial for all residents and businesses to stay informed and prepared. This advice is particularly pertinent given the forecast for an active hurricane season.

Important Dates

  • Atlantic Hurricane Season: June 1 through November 30
  • Peak Hurricane Season: September 10, with the most activity typically occurring between mid-August and mid-October

Resources for Business Preparedness

At WheelHouse IT, we understand the importance of preparing for hurricane season. We invite business leaders to visit our Storm Resource page to download essential resources to help prepare their businesses. These resources include checklists, guides, and best practices to ensure your business can weather the storm effectively.

Always follow the National Hurricane Center for official storm forecasts and updates at NHC. Stay safe and proactive this hurricane season.

By keeping informed and prepared, your business can confidently navigate the challenges of the hurricane season. For more information and resources, don’t hesitate to contact WheelHouse IT.

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