You’ll see how the WheelHouse team stands out in comparison with other IT provider’s when you make that first phone call for an IT issue.

Live Help Desk

The quality of your IT provider is unmistakeable when you make that phone call to their office for an IT issue.

You know you have made a mistake when you either reach someone non-technical, a voice mail, a call back 1-2 days later or even worse, a technician that keeps you on the phone for hours poking around your computer. You can also feel the disconnect if that technician is outsourced.

The Service That Never Sleeps

At WheelHouse our Help Desk is that service that never sleeps. Having the ability to answer a call and help your users through a debilitating problem or a nagging issue is key to the performance of your organization. Even living with the pain of small IT issues can create anxiety, frustration and morale issues with your employees.

And, of course, getting that email out on time can mean the difference between winning or losing a client.

First-Call Resolution

We understand the importance of instant support, which is why we push our team to a 50% First-call Resolution (issues resolved on the first call), 15-minute average response and one-hour average resolution. When you call WheelHouse our average pickup time is under 2 minutes. Try it!

Managed IT Services

Assigned Help Desk Squads

At WheelHouse you don’t have to worry about calls coming into a large ocean of cubicles. Even though we have a very large help desk, each account is assigned to a help desk squad (made up of 3-4 people) with a squad manager to maintain that intimacy and familiarity with your users and their IT.

And did we mention that ALL of our Help Desk employees are full time, and reside right here in the United States.