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Questions to Consider Before Shifting to the Cloud

Cloud computing can be a difficult concept to understand or maintain for your business. This is due to the abundance of options available out there. It is clear that everyone would like their organization to be as successful as possible. By moving to the cloud, there are often many questions one may have. Continue reading to get answers to the most commonly asked questions to ensure you get the most value out of your cloud-based solutions.

How much flexibility do you want to have?

A business’s success is measured by its growth over time. Your company’s infrastructure needs will change throughout the years; therefore, it is important to know and understand how much flexibility you think you might need from cloud-based solutions. Things to consider include how scalable the services you need are or how easy it is to add new users or features. 

How much control do you need?

The level of control can differ depending on the type of cloud solutions you want to implement. This question relates to the present rather than to the future. The public cloud provides access to a shared server with more dynamic features. This type is generally more costly than the private cloud. The private cloud is hosted by your business and allows much more control over security features, data access, and more.

How responsible do you want to be for your infrastructure?

Would you like to have a member of your team have hands-on experience with your cloud software or would you prefer your staff to not know the details of it all and instead hire someone else to maintain it? Cloud-based solutions require management, maintenance, and general upkeep from your team. If for any reason you do not want people to have this type of knowledge or experience, then your cloud management should be run by an outside IT company.  

Can your staff handle managing a cloud infrastructure?

If members of your team are not trained on how to use or maintain a cloud infrastructure, it can become a problem very quickly. This would result in your business not growing or being as successful as you would like it to be. If you do not think your employees are prepared to manage or handle hosting a cloud environment, you can outsource this responsibility to IT professionals. 

Let us manage and maintain your cloud infrastructure

At Wheelhouse IT, we are trained IT professionals that can assist you and your business with incorporating the most updated cloud technology and software that your company needs as well as minimizing costs for your organization. Instead of worrying about how or who in your company will manage your technology needs; by utilizing our services, you can continue with your everyday work tasks, knowing that we are there to make sure you maintain your productivity as well as secure all your data. If you are interested in utilizing cloud computing for your company, give us a call today. If you have any questions or need more information, call us at 954.474.2204.

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