WheelHouse IT has broadened its position on being an authority in the IT space. On Monday, June 15, 2020 WheelHouse IT received confirmation from FEMA that they have received accreditation for being prepared for a disaster via the Ready Business Program.

WheelHouse IT has always been “storm ready” however this accreditation confirms our position to be prepared for a natural disaster. “As a firm that has been trusted to support over 250 businesses it is important that we are prepared for anything mother nature throws our way.” Rory Cooksey, Manager of Business Development said “We knew that we had all the right pieces to the puzzle of disaster recovery in place. However, we thought it was important that we got the seal of approval from FEMA.”

With the 2020 Hurricane Season slated to be above average it was important that WheelHouse IT worked to craft a plan that not only serves our team members but our clients externally. The Ready Business Program helped WheelHouse IT take action to protect out team members, protect clients, and help ensure business continuity as well.

The Ready Business Program took the WheelHouse IT leadership through a step-by-step process to:

  • Identify our risks
  • Develop/Refine a plan
  • Take action

WheelHouse IT has tested their business continuity and feels they are in a good position to protect their assets (people, property, operations). Should a storm impact their Fort Lauderdale, office they feel confident in their ability to provide services to clients; maintain cash flow; preserve competitive advantage and reputation; provide the ability to meet legal, regulatory, financial and contractual obligations.

About WheelHouse IT:

WheelHouse IT is a nationally ranked Managed IT Service Provider with a team of over 50 rock stars. They have been in business for 20 years serving the South Florida, New York and Los Angeles markets.

Effectively becoming their client’s locally outsourced IT department, WheelHouse IT delivers robust solutions to the technological needs of corporations, small and midsized businesses, non-profits, and educational organizations. Should those organizations have internal IT, WheelHouse IT is designed to help offset what might be falling through the cracks to support the internal IT teams.

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