Open Letter about COVID-19 and our Response

The following is an open letter to our clients, partners and team members from Gani Zebersky, CEO & Managing Partner. Together we will get through these confusing times. At the end of the day, we are one community.

Dear friends & partners of WheelHouse IT,

Dominating the news cycle is the COVID-19 virus, and we can bet that it is also dominating your personal and professional conversations. At WheelHouse IT, it certainly is no different; we continue to actively implement our response to this fluid situation while operating in an environment of considerable uncertainty.

We are all in this together.

Our team continues to lean on our core values: Community, Accountability, Positivity, Inspiration, Equality, Family & Engagement. These values have been instilled to guide us over the years. We test all our actions against them because they will continue to be our core values for generations to come.

WheelHouse IT is proud to be here through this time of need. With that, we are pleased to offer our Managed IT Services clients a complementary solution to aiding their teams to be able to work remotely during this time. Our core value of Community clearly states that “Giving our best every day to the system guarantees that the system gets better every day.” By providing this solution to our clients, we are ensuring that we are supporting the system and our local economy to keep their business up and running.

We are drawing on twenty years of experience in helping our clients navigate through their most urgent and challenging situations. In a crisis, such as COVID-19, the foremost concerns must be personal health and safety—of our families, our team members, and ourselves. Taking care of those who contract the virus and joining the community in taking reasonable and sensible steps to slow its spread is of the utmost importance.

Once you have addressed the critical efforts to safeguard your family and your people, you then turn to the health and safety of your business. We built WheelHouse IT to protect our clients’ businesses and help them manage through the most complicated challenges. As we have never been through this situation, there is no single formula for doing this, and the COVID-19 threat is unprecedented. However, there are a few responses that can be applied here, which we have developed through our tenure of helping clients with their most significant challenges.

We know several things about crises through our experience: they are all different, and they all end. How they impact your business depends on the speed and quality of your crisis management.

Many of you have taken a proactive approach to reach out to us, asking simple questions, brainstorming ideas, or double-checking our action plan.  The outreach humbles us, and we are pleased to help in any way we can. You are not only our friends; you are part of the WheelHouse IT family, and we are here to help.

I thank you for putting your trust in us every day.

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