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Non-Profit Focus: 5 Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Non-profit management has never been more dynamic with the range of technology solutions available for the modern agency. Ray Gary, CEO of iDonate, highlights the Top 5 Non-Profit Tech Trends to keep on your radar in 2019.

1) Stay on Target

Stop living in 2018 with outdated marketing strategies and broad reaching donor databases. The future of non-profit enterprise lies in targeted engagement, made possible by the marketing automation software. In a recent article, Forbes named the top three marketing platforms available to agencies in the new year. Marketo placed first for both start-ups and larger scale organizations, followed closely by Hubspot and Act-On. Not only do these applications streamline communications and supply the tools for focused content management, but marketing automation platforms allow agencies to track the client’s journey in every stage of the ever changing funnel.

2)  Strive to Engage

Shifting the focus from viewing the client’s journey as a linear projection and looking instead towards the funnel model posed by the latest management software allows non-profit entities to engage recurring donors. Routine gifting creates predictability and sustainability. These donors are the backbone of an organization. Keep them active, passionate, and invested with tangible short and long term benchmarks. 

3) Connect and Create

Personalizing marketing strategies is key to increasing retention as well as initial uptake. Successful companies such as Netflix and Amazon thrive on tailoring content to individual preferences. Applying these core practices to the non-profit arena is the best way to assure long term success.

4) Kickstart Giving

Recently, Facebook removed all fundraising fees, making the platform a strong rival for similar entities like GoFundMe. Non-profits will want to take advantage of this free and effective resource in 2019.

5) New Year, New Strategies

Gone are the days of focusing exclusively on overhead. Successful non-profit management demands a strategic approach that shift the conversation to outcomes rather than input costs. A high overhead does not necessarily denote a negative outcome. Likewise, the perspective has begun to shift to defining and achieving goals around a given target budget. Impact and effectiveness remain the defining standards of non-profits in 2019.

Looking for more ways to invest in your future? Check out Why a Chromebook Can Be a Great Investment and contact us today to kickstart your business into the new year!


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