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Microsoft Teams vs. Zoom vs. Google: Comparing Features of Top Video Conferencing Apps

Video conferencing has become the normal means of conducting meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Not only do traditional businesses make use of this technology, schools, private sector organizations and families are utilizing it to stay in face to face contact.

Now that the convenience of conducting conferences remotely has become more widespread, the practice will likely remain popular. Comparing systems and implementing the one that seems best for each application is important.

Here are some unique points of three top brands, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet:


Zoom, a pioneer in innovative video conferencing technology, has been in the news lately, due to some issues with security. The company says the problems popped up since Zoom was originally designed primarily for business conferences. When the private sector adopted the platform, some issues with security became apparent. Zoom quickly responded, adding several layers of security features, including a “waiting room” for potential user verification. Zoom is easy to implement and offers variables which can be tweaked to make the medium more effective for each application.

Assuming the proactive plan to shore up security proves itself by preventing tampering over the long term, Zoom should continue to be a provider of quality video conferencing services.

What’s the Investment?

$14.99 per month per host for the Pro plan – designed for individuals and small business – offering service for up to 100 participants for up to 24 hours.*

$19.99 per month per host for Business tier – for which a minimum of 10 hosts is required.*

$19.99 per month for the Enterprise plan – requiring a minimum of 50 hosts – accommodating up to 500 participants.*

Google Meet

Recently re-branded from Google Hangouts Meet, Google Meet has been adopted by many types of enterprises. Schools often choose Google Meet for virtual classrooms. The system features robust security measures and encryption. It is a pure video conferencing medium, offering free access to some communication tools for schools and businesses through September 30, 2020. Google Meet is increasing in popularity due to ease of use.

What’s the Investment?

$6.00 per month for Basic – includes various G suite apps and 30 GB of cloud storage.

$12.00 per month – for Business tier with unlimited cloud storage of 1 TB if fewer than 5 users.

$25.00 per month for enterprise tier – featuring unlimited cloud storage, enhanced security and other options.

Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is rapidly evolving into a versatile video calling system, making a name for itself in the industry. The system’s focus on business brings trust in its reliability and security; thus, its popularity is increasing rapidly. The app recently hit 44 million daily users, including many hundreds of thousands of businesses, and educational institutions.

Microsoft has made it easier for prospective users to try out its video conferencing abilities during the pandemic. Contact WheelHouse IT to get started with a free Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan.

Microsoft Teams offers the advantage of ease of integration with other Microsoft business messaging systems, the ability for members to share and collaborate on M365 documents. The free version and the 365 version both allow up to 300 members, the Enterprise edition as many people as necessary. The system can host calls with up to 250 members. Text transcriptions are available promptly following meetings.

The Microsoft Teams associated with Microsoft 365 includes 24/7 support and integration with other M365 apps, business quality admin features, and security.

What’s the Investment?

When you purchase Microsoft 365 through WheelHouse IT pricing is as follows:

$3.25 per person per month, with an annual contract for Microsoft 365 Apps for Business*

$7.50 per person month, with an annual contract for Microsoft 365 Business Standard*

$27 per person per month, with an annual contract for Microsoft 365 Enterprise (E3)*

The Verdict: Which Team Comes Out on Top?

Following a fair discussion, Microsoft Teams emerges as our best value choice. Microsoft’s focus on business quality features builds trust in its brand of products. The ability to easily enhance Microsoft Team through integration with other functions of M365 makes for efficiency and convenience, time and cost savings.

Zoom may have fixed its problems, but the dust of uncertainty about security hasn’t yet settled. Google Meet doesn’t seem as versatile. Microsoft is known for software featuring quality and security suitable for business, at a price any consumer can afford. Microsoft Teams is no exception.

With headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and offices in Los Angeles and New York, WheelHouse IT can solve your needs in these difficult times.

Contact us for assistance in managing your modern workplace.

*Accompanied with an annual Managed IT Service plan (-$5.00 off MSRP)


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