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Malware Protection for Today’s Business and Tomorrow’s Clients

In this booming age of technology and information sharing, more and more businesses are going paperless. Relying near exclusively on Customer Relation Management (CRM), integrated information systems, and technology databases creates efficiency and opportunity. However, upping your tech game leaves your information open to threats. 

The internet is the wild west of the modern age and malware are the outlaws you don't want in your town! Malware prevention should be your number one priority when it comes to protecting your information from the digital black hats.

What Is Malware?

"Malware" is like a less friendly version of LOL. Instead of shortening "lots of laughs," this term refers to malicious software. Malware is catch all term for viruses created to wreak havoc on your data. Trojans, spyware, ransomware, adware, and worms are just a sampling of the most common types of malware targeting information systems. The impacts of malware on your system can range from information theft to fraud to corruption of data and security leaks. A recent study showed that 72% of business suffered a malware attack over the last year, costing roughly $2 trillion in losses worldwide. Unlike LOL, malware is no laughing matter!

Protection is the Best Defense

Combating malware attacks after the fact is a lot like putting a Band-aid over a broken arm. By the time malware is detected, the damage to your information systems may already be severe and irreparable. Securing your system is the most proactive approach businesses can take when it comes to protecting sensitive and confidential information.

Invest in a comprehensive anti-virus software designed for businesses. A good anti-virus software should offer email protection, routine scans, a firewall, data encryption, and a safe browser. Not sure if your security makes the cut? Give our Complimentary Risk Assessment a try and identify vulnerabilities before they become risks.

Schedule regular scans and ensure software is up to date. Ensure your network is secured. Select passwords that are tough to crack (hint: try sentences with a combination of numbers and letters). Train colleagues to identify suspicious emails, links, and malware scams. 

Utilize backup storage and plan ahead for disaster recovery options in the event of a malware strike.

With a few security boosts, your data will be well protected against digital heists! Contact our experts today to learn more about securing your business' future.

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