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Top Working from Home Solutions

#WorkingFromHome is the latest business trend of 2020! In the midst of sobering news headlines comes a sense of unity and an wavering commitment to teamwork — not simply as a company, but as a nation. Now is the time for businesses to focus on collaboration.

Streamlining remote work processes, encouraging interdepartmental networking, and the ability to adapt to meet whatever new challenges loom on the horizon are the vital lessons that companies can take away from this dynamic.

Check out the top tools and solutions for collaborating from home.

How Remote Work Promotes Tangible Success

Gone are the days of the tradition 9 to 5. As the modern workplace becomes more and more global, flexible schedules are no longer a benefit, but a necessity. Whether businesses are meeting around varying time zones or connecting key staff members from across the world, working from home is the primary tool for building success in an ever growing corporate environment.

Before we explore streamlining your remote task force, let’s take a look at the core benefits a home based office provides.

A People Positive Office Culture

While many companies fear working from home may lower productivity, current business trends indicate otherwise. The secret to long term retention of critical officers as well as the ability to attract new talent rests more and more on creating a positive work culture. Working from home can have a profound impact on boosting employee morale.

In fact, 82% of remote works report lowered stress levels, while 80% report overall higher morale. That creates nearly 70% lowered absenteeism and happier staff all around! This creates a better work life balance, a significant factor that many employees consider when choosing a company.

Reduced Overhead

Working from home is a great option for start ups and small businesses. Low infrastructure investment eliminates the need for office space and supplies. Teams that operate lean and mean will appreciate the reduced commuting cost as well. Plus, it’s a great way to go eco-friendly with minimal change to business structures and processes.

Streamlined Communications and Wider Availability

A team of fully equipped remote workers allows offices to broaden their communications. This means having staff on call around the clock, available via email, phone, and video. The ease of accommodating client appointments is simplified by nontraditional hours and flexible workforce. This is highly valuable when it comes to improving sales and support.

Attract a Wider Talent Pool

Thanks to the wonders of technology, even local businesses can attract talent from all over the world. Highly specialized positions are easily filled when remote workers are taken into account. Broadening the applicant pool is a great way to diversify corporate structure. Recruiters can rest assured knowing the best available talent is on the job.

From happier clients to an expansive network of professionals, the ROI on working from home is high!

Ways Businesses Can Improve Collaboration

As a business owner or senior staff member, the main priority is supporting teamwork. A few easy to use tools and simple solutions can dramatically improve the effectiveness of an at-home workforce.

Technology That Works for Your Company

Technology keeps a workforce connected. The go-to work from home tools are user friendly and readily available for businesses to onboard with little to not learning curve.

The top apps and software for remote works include the following:

  • Slack. This small, but robust app has everything your team needs to be effective. Slack connects seamlessly with Office 365, Dropbox, and other tools to provide a comprehensive, all-in-one database that links communications, project management, deadline tracking, and tasks together in one convenient platform.
  • Microsoft Teams. The ultimate communication tool to keep your staff connected, Teams is currently available to business clients for free and allows staff to chat, meet, video, conference, screen share, and collaborate anytime, anywhere.
  • Sharepoint and OneDrive. Powerful storage and data backups are a must for a remote workforce. Sharepoint and OneDrive allow for a high degree of customization to suit your business’s needs. Site consolidation improves efficiency and empowers managers to track a project from start to finish.
  • Office 365 Suite and VOIP Phone Integration. This professional suite package enables a single platform for all communications alongside the full range of Office products for presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and more.
  • Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud. Depending on your business’s needs, Microsoft 365 may be the preferred option for bringing the best assets of Windows 10 to your team. Enhanced security features, greater productivity, and simple device management will help your crew connect from the living room or the board room.

With new and emerging tech solutions entering the corporate sector every day, collaborating from home has never been easier!

Supporting Remote Workers

Mangers play a critical role in supporting the needs of their remote task force. Make communication a priority to ensure key members feel connected. Routine meetings are best done on a weekly or twice weekly basis, with managers maintaining open lines of communication and ensuring they are easy to reach between check-in’s. Be sure not to overwhelm your team with excessive emails or calls. A solid workforce should be trained to function independently, with support available as needed.

Since building company values can sometimes be challenging without in-person meetings, it’s more important than ever for managers to inspire success. Stick to consistent hours and set an example of excellence for your at-home crew. Give your team additional responsibilities, foster trust and transparency, and provide the resources necessary for a reliable workforce. Take the time to ensure new hires have received comprehensive training so no one feels left in the dark.

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with a flexible schedule! Team building activities are just as effective with a remote staff. Plan a weekly challenge such as a word scrabble or puzzle to drum up some friendly competition. Alternate meeting hosts for different tasks so each member feels that they are a valued part of the team. Host virtual lunch and learn meetings with experts and speakers of interest to break up the week.

With a little creativity, the possibilities are as limitless as the success of your company!

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