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Tip of the Week: Improve Your Organization Throughout the New Year

We all want to make our businesses more efficient because the more efficient a business is, the more effective it can be. One clear way to do so is to improve your organization tactics – both literally and more abstractly. For today’s tip, we’ll cover what we mean and share a few strategies for you to employ.

Now, to literally become more organized, you’ll need to manage your documents better, keep your work-space clean (and, of course, motivate your crew to do the same). On the abstract side, we’re describing all digital storage and tools that can help you keep your business on track. Let’s dive in, starting with the literal.

Managing Your Documents to Improve your Organization

While paperless offices are increasing in popularity, you may have business-related reasons to continue keeping paper copies of things, along with other kinds of documents that are generated as hard copies by their nature. This includes handouts, business cards, and quickly jotted down notes. This situation makes a document management system a worthwhile investment so that once you’ve sorted your collected documents, you can move forward with a better option for organizing them.

Cloud solutions are a good place to store digital files, as they allow controlled collaboration with those who need access to certain files and resources.

You may also reconsider whether a paperless system would work for you. Many reasons that hard copies were once necessary can now be attended to digitally – like collecting signatures, organizing receipts, and even retaining business cards.

Working in the Right Space

While working on reducing the paper clutter in the office, remember that an organized workspace can significantly boost productivity. Encourage your users to minimize distractions on their desks – but don’t ban personalization unless it would be inappropriate for other reasons. While organization is easier with less to occupy a given space, some level of personalization can help employees stay engaged and less like they are in a bubble.

To better organize a workspace, encourage your employees to manage things as they go rather than letting items or documents stack up in a “to-do” pile. Each thing on their desk should also have a set place to be, allowing them to more quickly find what it is that they need – contributing to fewer impacts upon their focus.

Use Various Business Organization Tools

There are many different solutions that, as we briefly referenced above, can help you to digitize and organize your assorted resources and files. These include:

  • Contact Management – Rather than the antiquated Rolodex or address book, there are software titles that make it simpler to manage your contacts. A comprehensive customer relationship management solution can fulfill this need, as well as many others.
  • Accounting and BookkeepingA business’ cash flow is critical to its success, and the more organized it is, the less likely it is that mistakes will be made. With options to assist your invoicing, payment acceptance, and cash flow management, we can help you here.
  • CommunicationA big part of organization is the ability to communicate with the rest of your team regarding where different things are, as well as their status. From email platforms, instant messaging solutions, and project management solutions, there are various means of encouraging this kind of communication.

Taking the time to improve your organization can be much simpler than it sounds, especially with WheelHouse IT helping you.

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