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How To: Replicate Text Across Microsoft Word Docs

Let’s be real. We ALL use Microsoft Word. However, this application has much more capabilities than users realize which could potentially save a lot of time when putting together a word document — including ways to replicate text across multiple documents. In doing so, you can edit the text in one place to edit all duplicates of it simultaneously. Keep reading to find out how!

Create the Master Text

When creating your Word document, compose it exactly as you need it, and make sure you save it where you wish to keep it. Be warned that moving it from this location after the fact will require you to repeat the process. After this, all it takes to update the necessary link is right-clicking while inside the word document and selecting Update Link.

Copy the Master Text

Once this file is saved, highlight and copy your selected text by either pressing CTRL+C (or Command+C on Mac), or by right-clicking it and selecting Copy.

Paste the Master Text

Moving over to the document that you want your text to appear, position your cursor where you want it, and click into the Home tab. Access the drop-down under the Paste button and select Paste Special.


A window will appear. With Paste link selected, choose the Formatted Text (RTF) option. Add the text by clicking OK.


If this text ever needs to be changed, you won’t have to go to each place that it has been added. Instead, you can edit it in the master copy and your changes will be synced to all instances of the linked text.

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