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How to Choose From Different Disaster Recovery Plans to Suit Your Needs

There are four important types of disaster recovery plans. The three determinant of picking the right choice is:

  • The size of your system
  • The volume of data
  • The requirements

Therefore, large companies need a significant IT budget and a considerably higher availability requirement, whereas small firms require flexible disaster recovery.

Backup-only Recovery Plan

As the name suggests, this backup-only recovery plan is only to keep a business running as it only saves the secure files. For firms with highly classified operations, then this is not what they should opt for because computer servers are not recoverable. However, for small entrepreneurs who only need to secure a few critical files, this is a better option because it saves you money.

Cold Site DR

Unlike the hot site, Cold site disaster recovery is less expensive but requires one to provide and install all the necessary equipment. If your priorities are to cut down on costs, then this plan is for you. Though it takes longer to start the backup operation, it is as good as the hot site.

Hot Site DR

Suitable for large or zero tolerance organizations like hospitals, hot site disaster recovery have up-to-date data copies and come with fully equipped facilities that have security software, thus explaining their higher prices. Its other benefits are:

  • Reduces downtime
  • Comes with equipment like phones and others for efficiency in your business
  • Very active compared to the cold site

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Looking for a more cost-effective backup facility? Virtual disaster recovery also called virtual machines (VMs), is the best option. Not only can this recovery plan be run in any workplace, but it is also straightforward to manage. Importance of a VMs include:

  • VMs don’t depend on the hardware’s so you can load your backup in a secondary server
  • It saves you money because they manage everything for you from set-up to backup maintenance
  • It is easier testing without disabling your primary site
  • It creates a new working duplicate of your initial computer environment from apps to data

For risk assessment and detailed information, contact us and get professional advice or download the Comprehensive Guide to Disaster Recovery here.

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