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Do I Really Need Blog Marketing For My Business?

In short, no. You don’t need blog marketing to have a successful business with a good online presence. However, below we will explore some of the reasons you want to consider this (supremely) effective way to bring even more website traffic and greater conversion rates to your business.  

What Is Blog Marketing? 

Accuracast defines blog marketingas any process that publicizes or advertises a website, business, brand or service via the medium of blogs. Blogging has been around since the 90s, so at this point, we all know what it entails: a compelling title, an informative body of content with a few subheadings, graphics (optional but highly recommended), and a call to action!  


Pros of Blog Marketing 

  • It helps convert that traffic into leads.  
  • Better SEO means better link/page authority! 
  • Blogging helps build Engagement with online users.  
  • You get to stay connected with your customers by letting them know you’re here and you know what’s going on.  
  • You can become a resource for information and valuable content that they will come back to time and time again.  
  • Creating opportunities for sharingBecause we all know someone who loves sharing articles.  

How to Do Blog Marketing 

  • Pick a topic and purpose 
    • Ask yourself questions such as: “What kind of content do I want to present?” “Who will benefit from this content?” “What will readers gain from this article?” “How will this aid my efforts?” etc.
  • Research and build up valuable and educational content. 
  • Create an Outline. It helps a lot! 
  • Kill it with your writing skills!  
    • Be sure to use subheadings to break up your content and make it easier to read.
    • Add a CTA!
  • Send email blast linking the article to clients and anyone on your email lists who would benefit from the information presented. 
  • Post a link to your article on social media and promote your blog article even further! 


Tools for Blog Marketing 

Blogging is made super simple with these three fantastic tools! 

Semrush – This tool analyzes your data for you and gives you instant recommendations on SEO, content marketing and advertising that can help you improve your online visibility and aid you in writing future blogs.  

Frase – A content marketing tool that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to generate content briefs for your chosen keywords. This tool is aimed at improving your SEO by finding out what people on the internet are wondering about a certain topic. This tool also allows you to create document/blog outlines that can help you create an engaging and informative article.  

HubSpot – HubSpot has endless capabilities for marketing professionals. However, this CRM system is great for writing out blogs and posting it to your website directly. You can even preview it and the software will give you suggestions for optimization. When you’re done you’ll have the option to post on social media directly through this software  

More Blog Marketing Stats to Consider 

  • Companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites. 
  • Businesses that blog experience twice as much email traffic as businesses who don’t. 
  • Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to have a positive ROI on their efforts. 

(All stats from 

In Short 

To some, blogging may sound a bit old school but there’s a reason it’s still in practice almost 30 years laterThe benefits of integrating blogging as a part of your business’s marketing plan just may be one of the most effective methods you’ll use to duplicate brand awareness and bring in more customers!  


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