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QuickTurn Engine Center | Hybrid IT and Managed Cloud

QuickTurn Engine Center

Industry: Aviation
Devices: 155
Company Overview
QuickTurn Engine Center is an aviation aerospace MRO recently acquired by FTAI Aviation. This acquisition has expanded the company’s scope to include buying, trading, and leasing aircraft engines, particularly the CFM engine base, which encompasses the most operated engines globally. The company’s primary function is supporting engine repairs.
IT Management Before WheelHouse IT
Devices: Before partnering with WheelHouse IT, QuickTurn Engine Center worked with a smaller Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Sought Technical Assistance

On/Off Boarding

Foundational IT

Support Needs

QuickTurn Engine Center sought comprehensive support with a primary focus on security. During onboarding, it was crucial to assess their environment, identify vulnerabilities, implement necessary tools, and develop a security roadmap. Additionally, real-time support was a priority, and the hybrid agreement with WheelHouse IT has significantly benefited their internal team by providing essential tools, resources, and training.
Pain Points Before Hiring WheelHouse IT
QuickTurn Engine Center needed an MSP to support their growth and projects at scale with a sense of urgency. They experienced long wait times with their previous MSP. With WheelHouse IT, they no longer need to follow up on ticket statuses, and the MSP feels like an integral part of their team, consistently meeting SLAs.
Breaking Point
As QuickTurn Engine Center scaled up, due to a change in ownership, they needed to quickly onboard a new MSP. WheelHouse IT assisted with refreshing the majority of the company’s workstations, optimizing configurations and operating systems, and ensuring compliance with security regulations.


Importance of WheelHouse IT
WheelHouse IT acts as an extension of QuickTurn Engine Center’s team, providing critical support due to the lack of an entire internal IT support team. Approximately 80% of issues and support requests are handled by WheelHouse IT, making them a reliable partner.
Summary of Services Provided
WheelHouse IT helped modernize QuickTurn Engine Center’s infrastructure, moving 90% of operations to the cloud. This transition improved the performance and reliability of their ERP application, reducing outages and enhancing overall efficiency.
Critical Attributes of WheelHouse IT
The team at WheelHouse IT is attentive, responsive, and easy to communicate with. They have significantly transformed QuickTurn Engine Center from an IT standpoint, thanks to their customer-centric approach and consistency in delivering promised support.

Line of Business Applications

Azure AD Microsoft 365 SonicWall Capture Client Acronis Adobe Netwrix Storage Craft Memorable Experience

Advice to Organizations Hesitant About MSPs

WheelHouse IT offers tailored support that strengthens internal IT departments. They also provide flexibility in setting support standards and offer a wide range of products and services, making them ideal partners for any organization.
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Justin Edney
VP of IT
WheelHouse IT for their consistency, scalability, and ability to simplify IT. They cater to both small and large businesses, providing comprehensive support for regulatory and compliance needs. The partnership with WheelHouse IT is seen as a significant enhancement to any internal IT department.
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