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Are Password Expiration Dates a Thing of the Past? Windows 10 Says Yes!

Password expiration dates every 6 months have been a die-hard rule of data security since the genesis of widespread technology systems. Sure, coming up with a new variation on your password — and remembering what those credentials are — can be a pain, but if it safeguards vital business information it’s well worth the hassle.

Or is it? The latest Windows 10 update may have us rethinking how we do passwords in favor of an evergreen model. With the latest data from Microsoft, passwords are forever.

Windows 10 May Update Changes the Game on Password Expiration Dates

Are password expiration dates “ancient and obsolete?” Microsoft consultant, Aaron Margosis, says yes! As of the May update, Windows 10 will no longer be utilizing this baseline compliance aspect.

The change comes as no shock to many within the information technology sector, who have been predicting the phasing out of password expiry protocol for years now. In fact, a recent report by the FTC concluded that frequently changing passwords has little to no impact on data security. The reasons behind the vulnerability of passwords ranged from users applying minor changes to the same credentials to baseline passwords remaining weak against hacker attacks. The latter issue proved to have the most significance when it came to hackers.

Simply put; shifting our focus to creating stronger passwords and better secure portals has far more impact than updating passwords.

If Changing Passwords Doesn’t Work, What Does?

Systems technology is continually evolving to meet the challenges of a dynamic, new era of data enterprise. While change can be exciting, overhauling long-standing practices without adequate replacement can be nerve-wracking. So what can users do to protect personal or corporate data?

Microsoft recommends increasing the complexity of passwords such as utilizing sentences with a combination of syntax. Multifactor authentication systems are another excellent way to protect your information, as well as routine risk assessments. Database security has moved from a passive approach to a proactive method of fortifying information prior to the occurrence of a threat.

Those who still love changing their passwords every 6 months need not fear! Windows hasn’t done away with the feature completely. Users will now have the option to enable password expiry at their choosing.

Got password anxiety? Contact our experts today and start securing your business!

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