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8 Tips for Increasing Engagement on Social Media

What Constitutes Engagement? 

In terms of social media, engagement refers to actions taken by users that reflect interactions on your pages. This is mostly in the form of comments, likes, and shares. When a business creates a social media page, it can be for a variety of reasons. This could be to drive sales, conversions, brand awareness, and more. However, you can’t have any of the above if you don’t provide content users want to engage with.  

Below are 8 simple tips that are proven to help your business’s profiles boost your engagement rates! 

Give and You Shall Receive 

The first step to getting more engagement on your business’s social profiles is to realize that you likely won’t get much if you don’t engage with others as well!  

Making daily efforts to research relevant hashtags, follow relevant accounts, interacting with other accounts in a meaningful way, and more is a great way to put your company’s name out there and let others know you’re present and you’re listening. 

Ask Open Questions! 

Simply asking your followers open questions through feed posts and stories that can prompt them to comment on their answers can be an easy and effective way to elicit engagement. However, it can’t just be any random question. It would be best in most cases to make this question relate to your business somehow. See our examples below. 


Stay Consistent 

We’ve seen it time and time again with our clients: Many are perplexed that they aren’t receiving engagement on their social profiles, but they only post once every few weeks. One of the keys to building a strong brand that users won’t forget is making sure they don’t forget about your business by popping up on their feed time and time again!  

We’ve found that posting at least 3-4 times a week is optimal. If you can post every day, it is even better. Just don’t bombard your feed by posting multiple times a day. Believe it or not, this can have the opposite effect.  

Find When the Best Posting Times Are 

What many fail to realize is that if you want optimal engagement and impressions, you can’t simply post whenever. It’s important to know when users are active and will be around to see you’ve posted. Sprout Social provides a detailed and useful report every year on the best times to post by platform and by industry!  

However, be aware that these are their average global findings and it is still a good idea to analyze when users are most active for your specific page and find what works best for your business.  


Posting a simple and fun multiple-choice question in the form of a pop quiz is a simple way to prompt people to stop, think, and comment their answers. This can have the same effect as posting an open question. However, this type of post is even easier to engage with since all people have to comment is a letter as their answer. 😉 

For example: 

How many cups of coffee have you had today? 

  1. A) 1
  2. B) 2
  3. C) 3
  4. D) 4+

The Occasional Meme 

Comic relief can be a great way to show people your page’s humanity, so you don’t risk appearing boring and stiff. While providing valuable content pertaining to your business and industry is a crucial practice, it’s also sometimes necessary to have fun with your page!  

When posting memes always be sure to keep it light, keep it relatable, and keep it simple! You don’t want your meme so niche that it only speaks to a few users. This is your chance to appeal to a wider audience and illicit a light chuckle and, if you’re lucky, a higher share rate! 


We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Video content has always been a sure way to increase engagement! Year after year it seems to only increase in consumption as people become more pulled in by video and less by still imagery. We’ll let the statistics speak for themselves. 👍 

Human Faces  

Posts containing a human face illicit feelings of familiarity, humanity, and warmth in users, which will then draw them in and bring in engagement as well as impressions.  After all, photos with faces perform almost 40% better than without faces. 


Bonus: Pets! 

There aren’t many statistics that back up our claim that photos with your furry (or not so furry) loved ones will get you higher engagement rates. However, we’ve seen it firsthand! Our posts, including our staff’s pets, get almost as much engagement as posts with human faces! See for yourself. 


All In All

Social media is a fun and effective way to promote your business and boost sales in many cases. Making sure that you put effort towards interacting online and creating quality content on your socials frequently can go a long way. We hope our tips have helped you steer your online presence in the right direction and you were able to learn something new!

If you’re looking for help promoting your business online, check out our monthly Online Presence Management plans and start showcasing your brand and drawing traffic.



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