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7 Social Media Content Ideas For When You’re Uninspired

Social media is a fun and effective way to promote your business and boost sales in many cases. Making sure that you put effort towards interacting online and creating quality content on your socials frequently can go a long way to further your business. However, every social media manager and coordinator has reached a point where they feel uninspired and their creativity has run out. This happens to even the best content creators. Below is a list of social media content ideas that is sure to fill in some gaps and hopefully get the creative ball rolling again the next time you’re feeling stumped.

Promote Blog Articles

Once you’ve posted blog articles on your company’s website, make sure you promote them on your social profiles. Not only can this help with engagement and click-through rates, but this can also help bring more visitors to your website and in turn boost conversion rates. You can do this with new blog articles and you could even link to past articles that still hold relevancy.


Showing off your organization’s team is almost always a sure way to boost engagement rates by showing the humans behind your operations. After all, photos with faces perform almost 40% better than without faces. Here at WheelHouse IT, we sometimes post a team member highlight on Tuesdays and use the hashtag #TeamTuesday as a fun alliteration. However, you can, of course, post your team members any day of the week!


Does your company have any news to share? Are there any updates that could affect current and potential clients? Have you found any tips to share that are pertinent to your industry and could be helpful to users? All of these make for useful and important content pieces that you can share on your company’s socials through your feed or even stories.


Posting a simple and fun multiple-choice question in the form of a pop quiz is a simple way to prompt people to stop, think, and comment on their answers. This can have the same effect as posting an open question. However, this type of post is even easier to engage with since all people have to comment is a letter as their answer. 😉 

For example: 

How many cups of coffee have you had today? 

  1. A) 1
  2. B) 2
  3. C) 3
  4. D) 4+

Company Testimonials

Online reviews, client testimonials, employee testimonials, and even kind emails or messages that show how your business is helping make a difference for your clients or your staff for the better can go a long way in displaying your legitimacy on social media. Creating an on-brand and eye-catching graphic with your favorite blurb out of a testimonial or review always makes for a good slice of content.


Comic relief can be a great way to show people your page’s humanity, so you don’t risk appearing boring and stiff. While providing valuable content pertaining to your business and industry is a crucial practice, it’s also sometimes necessary to have fun with your page.

When posting memes always be sure to keep it light, keep it relatable, and keep it simple! You don’t want your meme so niche that it only speaks to a few users. This is your chance to appeal to a wider audience and illicit a light chuckle and, if you’re lucky, a higher share rate.

Open Question

Simply asking your followers open questions through feed posts and stories that can prompt them to comment on their answers can be an easy and effective way to elicit engagement. However, it can’t just be any random question. It would be best in most cases to make this question relate to your business somehow.

Bonus: Dogs!

There aren’t many statistics that back up our claim that photos with your furry (or not so furry) loved ones will get you higher engagement rates. However, we’ve seen it firsthand! Our posts which include our staff’s pets, get almost as much engagement as posts with human faces!

We hope these social media content ideas help inspire you when you aren’t feeling your most creative. If you’re looking for help promoting your business online, check out our monthly Online Presence Management plans and start showcasing your brand and drawing traffic.

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