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3 Elements of a Multi-Tiered Disaster Recovery Plan

Backup isn’t the only element of disaster recovery, but it’s one of the most important.

Make sure you have all of your data covered, and recoverable, with these three strategies.

Why do you need different types of backup in your disaster recovery plan?

Different types of disasters need different responses. Even the same type of data loss at different points of the day could lead to different response scenarios. Make sure you’re prepared for as many variables as possible by:

Using incremental data backup and storage.

Constantly backing your data up to your main server can cause a drag on your system that slows down business. But monthly, weekly, or even daily backup still gives large windows of time for lost information. Use a cloud-based incremental data storage system. This quick but shallow backup system can cover any gaps before your scheduled systemic backups.

Having offline storage, too.

Online storage is much more convenient. Most small businesses are turning towards online service portals and internal organization tools, which means most data is stored online, anyway. But being able to tap into customer and business information even when the network is done can be essential to keeping at least part of your operations going during an emergency.

Creating multiple backup dates instead of overwriting data.

Data caps still exist, even if it’s harder and harder to reach them. Whether it’s a cap in your cloud storage subscription or just the physical constraints on your local server, these caps often dictate backup strategies.

But don’t just overwrite older comprehensive backups with new ones. A lot of errors and corruptions build up over time, and, unless you’re looking for them, they’re usually not caught until the device or network falls apart.

Keep multiple backups so you have a reliable restore point and access to newer data.

For more tips to build up your disaster recovery plan, contact us.

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